Sydney, Australia, is one of the major hubs of the IT sector in the world. It contributes the most to the GDP of the country, which is approximately around 6.6%. Millions of people work in the tech workforce here. The spaces, centres and programs in this startup city led to the ranking of Sydney to the fourth position in the world startup rankings. Everything is the best here, from cloud engineering to IT support services in Sydney. So, if a troubleshoot occur in an Android device while living here, do not panic. The solution is a click away! 

Read the article more to know the most general difficulties every Android user faces. 

1) Slow user interface

Is the phone giving a notification that the internal storage is whole? Then it is time to expect to freeze and slow down the device. Put to unwanted trash pictures and unused apps. Moving them to a micro SD card is a brilliant idea. Don’t forget to delete the app cache and close every open app. Restrict the use of live wallpapers too. 

How to delete an app’s cached data? 

•Go to Settings>Apps

•Select a specific app and select the Clear Cache option. 

If the user interface is still frozen and slow, contact the IT support services in Sydney immediately. 

2) Problems with the battery life

Battery drain is a widespread issue faced by android users. A tip to get rid of this issue quickly is to reduce the brightness of the device and change the location. Avoid the auto-brightness option in this situation and adjust the screen brightness, which is reasonable for the eyes. Also, remember to change the settings to battery saving mode. Some android in the market now has extra battery life. 

3) Unsent text messages

Cannot send text messages? Check the internet connection, which can be either through cellular or Wifi. Now click and resend the message. If the problem is not solved yet, try restarting the phone. 

4) Connecting to Wifi or cellular network

Most people find it challenging to connect the phone with blue tooth, cellular network or Wifi frequently. A tip for this issue is to put the phone in aeroplane mode for at least thirty seconds, off the method and try connecting the device again. If the user still faces the issue, attempt to contact reputed customer service in the city. 

5) Overheating

Some android devices get warm quickly. It is highly advisable not to use these devices while charging. Also, do not use Facebook or Pokemon Go for a long duration in these devices because they are high CPU-sucking apps. If the device gets warm, it’s time to give it rest. If time did not solve this issue, this might be a sign of a manufacturing defect. Try to contact an IT expert immediately. 

6) Apps not downloading

Two techniques can solve the issue of difficulty in downloading apps. First, try to clean Google Play’s history. A corrupt cache can cause this type of problem. Or try to clear Google Play Store’s cache. How to do these techniques?

•Open the Google Play Store

•Open App’s menu, which is in the upper left of the screen. 

•Select Settings and choose Clear local search history

7) Screen not responding

Do not throw the phone when the screen stops responding. It is a prevalent sign of malfunction in android. A simple restarting of the device is enough to solve this issue. If it is still not resolved, turn the machine off for two or three minutes and try again later.

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