In today’s modern time, and era it’s now being called the “Digital age” because of massive advancements that technology has enhanced, it has shaped our immediate environment as we know it. Technology has greatly affected the world as we know it today, and now, mostly all entertainment, businesses, jobs have a direct relationship on technology or at least count on to make everyone’s lives easier.

Now everything that you most likely encounter today is a product of the massive undertakings that technology brought. Remember the vintage game consoles? Or perhaps those analog sticks and bulky computers you used to play with? Just imagine how far the gaming industry has come. With one of the most recent entertainment and gaming activities, the escape rooms.

Escape rooms are not a completely new idea, but they gained popularity rather at a slow pace, now they’re one of the talks of the town! But how did technology change the way that Escape Rooms functioned? From basic locks and keys, and putting puzzle pieces together or even solving jigsaws, technology has seriously changed the face of escape rooms.

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An upgrade for ambiance

Of course, to give you a more precise and natural feel of the game, several escape rooms have made use of the finest technology known to man. Because of this, you’ll truly feel like you’re in a movie, and completely immersed brought to you by immense enhancements. Such as static televisions, mysterious ringing telephones, touchscreen maps and many more! All of these contribute to elevation of the total escape room experience.

Cool Sound Effects

Do you like having a bigger screen or having a better sound system when you’re watching a movie? Of course, the sounds are the unsung hero of any good film! You know how much goosebumps you get when you hear the avenger theme song, or perhaps the one from Star Wars? No matter the case, hi-tech sounds bring a truly immersive experience. Know how creaks on the floor or the sudden shutting of doors or laughing from an unknown location brings you the chills? Hi-tech sounds are everything that brings the pieces of a good escape room together. With a clearer, and much more defined, and controlled sound system, an escape room is truly an experience you will never forget.

Excellent Lighting

Ever notice how much “feels” that simple good lighting can do? Take the red flickering lights you often see in horror movies to bring out natural fear. Now, you get to experience all of these and many more that bring any escape room to life just by having properly placed good lighting. Especially the timing of on and off and back and forth of these lights create an ambiance that’s straight from a movie screen.

Better puzzles

Now we’re talking! This is the heart of any escape room. The puzzles, mysteries, and challenges that you encounter are enhanced and upgraded thanks to technology in ways unimaginable. You won’t have to solve a lock and key puzzle any longer, and gone are the days of wooden boxes, and rings stuck on metal rods. Players get to experience firsthand state of the art puzzles from computers, and laptops within an escape room to provide you with the best puzzle. 

Enhanced overall experience

Because of technology, it made it seemingly impossible. Finally possible. And from numerous breakthroughs, and trial and errors, it has brought a better, upgraded, and enhanced overall experience for players to enjoy within breakout rooms. When put together, all of these provide a much more immersive, exciting, and enjoyable experience for players! Who wouldn’t want to solve puzzles under time-pressuring sounds or eerie lights accompanied by flashing of computer screens and well-timed and creatively thought devices?

All these factors are resourceful, safe, and have done numerous trials in order to provide players with a better interactive gaming experience. These crucial aspects all come together and work together as a key component in elevating the whole experience for the players! Here at Lost Reality Perth technology works hand-in-hand with imaginative puzzles that surely will take customers to a heightened gaming and interactive experience! Protection Status