When choosing electronics for your home, it can get daunting to select the right company. In this industry, good and bad reviews for products become intertwined. However, one company that has surpassed all expectations is Dell Technologies. 

In Australia, the after-tax profit for Dell was nearly AU$ 31 million in 2021. It alludes to the company’s popularity. Any Dell distributor Australia has will offer you the best price for every electronic product – be it computers or HDTVs. 

Nonetheless, you should choose Dell because of its reliability, high performance and data security features. 

Read on to know more! 

Reasons to Choose Dell Technologies in Australia 

In this digital age, having an electronic device that can power your entertainment or work is essential. 

For example, you will need a high-end laptop for the office and a good TV for watching Netflix. Most Australians believe that technologies should always seamlessly work for them. Hence, Dell Technologies is the perfect candidate as they promise the same. 

Would you like to know why choosing Dell is a productive decision? Here are the reasons. 

It Is Reliable – Effective in the Long Run

Dell is a company that can power high stake moments with ease. The laptops will stay on with you as long as you need them to be. Moreover, the ProSupport Plus offers a reliable edge to all its devices. 

The technology will remain functional – today, tomorrow and beyond. 

In Australia, you get the ProSupport Plus for predictive analysis that helps you protect the device from harm. Hence, it ensures you get real-time assistance allowing your business to run smoothly. 

According to a study, Dell laptops were deemed most reliable.

It Has High-End Security – Leads the Industry in Network Security

Data security has been a pressing issue in Australia. However, the offerings of encryption in Dell are comprehensive, and you need to not stress about it anymore. 

With any Dell device, you can access malware prevention fed into the source code along with proper encryption. Furthermore, it will have advanced authentication and robust data security that remain centralised. 

In Australia, you get the highest level of FIPS encryption which is certified to protect intellectual property. So, your data will remain secured during breaches. 

You will save up on money and time with the data protection software. 

Not only that, this encryption protects drives, cloud storage and external media in your device. Therefore, you will have a secure network in a single solution framework.

The Best Dell Laptops of 2021 in Australia 

There are thousands of Dell laptops available in the market. So, contacting the best Dell distributor Australia has ever seen should give you the most incredible deals. 

You will get a strong computing experience on these laptops. You can choose one and reach out to a distributor near you: 

  • Dell XPS 13 (9300) 
  • Dell Inspiron 15 3000 
  • Dell Precision 5750 
  • Dell Latitude 9510 
  • Dell XPS 13

The Bottom Line

Dell is an excellent company with unmatched performance and reliability. Hence, it is viable to get from any Dell distributor Australia has to offer. 

You will have a plethora of preventive measures that give you the perfect support. Moreover, the company goes through rigorous quality testing for its products before hitting the market.  

So, if you are looking for a usable, reliable and performance-oriented device – choose Dell!

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