If you’re looking for affordable curtains, you’ve come to the right place. Dunelm Curtains homewares range includes everything from thermal curtains to sheer and macrame curtains. Here’s a look at some of the top tips to help you make the best choice. You can also find ideas for sewing projects at Dunelm. Just be sure to read the descriptions carefully and consider your options before you make a final decision.

Blackout curtains

Top Tips For Buying Dunelm Curtains

If you’re looking for a new set of blackout curtains, you may have come across the fantastic range of items sold by Dunelm. These Dunelm curtains are available in a range of colours and features blackout linings, but what makes them different from other sets is that these curtains feature an extra layer of thermal coated material that provides maximum insulation and warmth. It’s important to take the time to shop around at this retailer before making a decision about your new curtains.

The blackout lining on the curtain panels allows the drapes to be adjusted to fit any window shape and size. For maximum blackout, go for the darkest shade of the curtains. While light-colored curtains may look better on bright windows, those who nap during the day should go for darker shades. These curtains provide complete blackout. This makes them perfect for day nappers. In addition to their practical benefits, they also have a long lifespan.

Thermal curtains

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, look no further than Dunelm’s excellent thermal curtains. They come with various lining options and are distinguished by an extra layer of thermal-coated material. These Dunelm curtains block out 99 percent of light and UV rays for maximum insulation and warmth. They are available in a variety of solid colors and are machine-washable.

A panel of extra-wide thermal Dunelm curtains in burgundy is available. This rich, dark hue blocks nearly all light, while the thick fabric drapes beautifully. The paisley pattern has a silvery cast to it, making it look faded in artificial light. If you want the front and back sides of your curtains to match, you’ll need to purchase a second neutral-colored panel to balance the color scheme.

Sheer curtains

Soft, translucent sheers are a popular choice for window treatments in modern homes. The soft opacity of these drapes ensures that light filters through while still providing privacy. They are available in a variety of sizes, and are the perfect layering choice over heavier Dunelm curtains. They can be machine-washed and can be used for a variety of different rooms. For a timeless look, you can opt for a sheer curtain in a neutral or muted colour.

If you’re worried about the weight of your sheer curtains, you can always use weights. Weighting the curtains will help them hang straight and will prevent them from bunching up and getting out of line in strong breezes. Weights can also be placed inside your curtains, if necessary. However, they should be avoided if you want them to look light and airy. The curtains can be safely hung by using curtain weights, which are available in many different styles.

Macrame curtains

If you want a stylish and affordable curtain for your room, try a set of Dunelm macrame curtains. These curtains are made with a combination of knitting cotton and dishcloth and can stretch up to 92 inches long. You can purchase this type of Dunelm curtain in a variety of designs and colors, depending on your preferences and the size of your room. If you want to create a more boho look, opt for a wooden curtain rod or a stick. You may also want to make use of a masking tape to keep the ends of the cord from fraying. Also, you might want to purchase some scissors to keep the cords organized.

While macrame has had a revival in recent years, the craft has taken a more modern turn. Here, a simple voile panel is teamed with accent macrame fringe to create a boho feel. The ecru colour scheme of the Dunelm curtains makes them look very natural, enhancing the overall feeling of nature. Another option is a full macrame curtain, which can double as a wall hanging when not in use.

Gatsby Lalique

If you’re looking for a beautiful new Dunelm curtain to hang in your home, look no further than Gatsby Lalique curtains from Dunelm. Named after the Art Deco style of the 1920s, this fabric boasts bold geometric designs and a luxurious chenille texture. Not only is it a great choice for curtains and upholstery, but it’s also available as roman blinds and cushions.

The Gatsby Lalique GAT/06 collection features colourful jacquard-chenilles that have been inspired by the Art Deco movement. This material is suitable for curtains, upholstery and accessories, and is available in either double or triple pinch pleats. The latter is equivalent to 2.4 times the fullness of the previous version. For privacy, this fabric is also machine washable, and it comes in butterscotch colour.

Gatsby curtain

The Art Deco style of the 1920s is an inspiration for this beautiful Dunelm curtain from Dunelm. This unique design has gold geometric patterns on a deep green background. This is not a curtain for the faint-hearted! For a more subtle look, you can choose to buy a smaller sample to try out before you buy. You can also order it made to measure, which will ensure that it fits perfectly.

The Dunelm curtain is available in a variety of sizes to fit all windows. However, a floor-length curtain is a safer bet for any window, especially one with high ceilings. It can be purchased in ready-made lengths from 48 inches to 108 inches, although bespoke lengths will cost more. It is best to choose the latter, as a floor-length curtain offers a more luxurious look.

Macrame curtain poles

If you’re planning to hang macrame Dunelm curtains in your room, there are several tips you should follow. First, you should measure the window. Whether it’s a wide window or a small one, there is a rod for this. Then, you should mark the center of the window. Divide the window’s width by two and mark this point. Secondly, you should make sure that the pole will be leveled.

After measuring the window and the doorway, you should purchase the rods. Alternatively, you can buy them in the store. If you’re a beginner, there are also plenty of tutorials available online. Once you have the material, it’s time to learn the knots. Macrame is not that hard to learn and you should be able to complete this project without any difficulty.

Standard widths

While Dunelm curtains are essential for controlling light and ensuring privacy, they also add a decorative element to any room. You’ll find a wide range of colours, styles, and linings available at Dunelm. Choose a standard width for your curtains to ensure they will look great in any room. Whether you’re buying curtains for your bedroom, living room, or study, you’ll find the perfect one for your decor.

To get the right size curtain for your window, you should measure its width across the pole or track. Make sure the Dunelm curtain panel has a minimum width of 66 inches. A standard width for a 150cm (59″) wide window is 66 inches. A curtain of this length will hang in the middle of a 150cm-wide window. You’ll need two panels of 66″ to cover the window.


Whether you’re looking for stylish blackout Dunelm curtains or classic grey curtains, ready-made curtains can be a great way to add a personal touch to your room. Fortunately, Dunelm has over 800 ready-made curtain styles to choose from. The variety of designs and colours means that there’s a curtain style for every room. Plus, they’re priced reasonably, too. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a curtain from Dunelm.


You can also choose from a variety of styles and materials, including lining and faux-leather. Choose a traditional drape or a trendy modern curtain for a unique look. There’s something for everyone in the Montana collection. Choose between a pencil pleat header or a simple eyelet heading to match your room’s decor. If you’re worried about creases, these Dunelm curtains are fully lined and will keep out the light. Plus, you can also buy coordinating cushions to complete the look.

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