Today, many people dream of becoming citizens of Spain. Most immigrants from different parts of the world try to get permanent residence, but not everyone succeeds. Wealthy people choose the Kingdom to live in or invest in the sector of real estate. High-quality housing in close proximity to the waterfront is the best choice. Moreover, the country provides a good business environment and affordable housing. Property prices in Spain for foreigners are reasonable and correspond to its beneficial location and number of profits.  

The country is famous for its fantastic nature, the wonderful mentality of the Spaniards, and their cordiality and hospitality. Spanish society is characterized by open-mindedness and tolerance. That is why expats from all over the world come to Spain and feel at home. 

Advantages of living in Spain 

Spain is an ideal place for living in harmony with nature and enjoying every day of your life. Among the most popular benefits of the country, we can highlight the following:

  • The Mediterranean climate.

Spain is the southernmost country of the EU, where even in winter temperatures rarely fall below +15 – +17 degrees. Of course, the climate in different parts of the country can vary quite significantly in terms of temperature regime and the amount of precipitation. There are no long cold winters in the region.

  • Proximity to the sea. 

It is worth noting that the country has no private beaches. But for several years Spain has been the world leader in the number of Blue Flags of environmental cleanliness installed on its coasts. The regions of Spain are perfect for those who want to live in close proximity to transparent waters and breathe fresh air. 

  • Infrastructure and security.

Modern Spain is notable for a high level of infrastructure development, and this is characteristic not only for large cities and administrative centers, but also for small settlements. At the same time the level of crime in the country is quite low by European standards.

  • Affordable housing.

Buying a house or apartment in Spain today is relatively inexpensive by European standards. Not only residents of the country, but also foreign nationals can take advantage of the available bank financing, which makes the dream of owning your own house by the sea quite achievable.

Disadvantages of living in Spain

Every country has its pros and cons. Life in the Kingdom has more advantages than disadvantages, but the latter also exist.

  • There are very hot summers in some of the regions in Spain. It is difficult to sleep because of the stuffiness.
  • The Internet is quite expensive and the speed is not at a high level.
  • High gasoline prices and high utility bills.
  • Many pharmacies and stores may not work on weekends.
  • The need to know Spanish, as it is difficult to find a good job without knowledge of the language. Besides, it is difficult to communicate with locals as most of them do not speak English. 

Advice on buying real estate in Spain 

There are two useful recommendations we can give to potential homeowners in Spain. 

First, choose the ideal location that will suit all your desires and needs. If you relocate with family, choose cities with more developed infrastructure and a higher number of educational and medical establishments. In case, a foreigner is going to buy a property for renting out, consider more touristic regions and the islands. 

Secondly, selecting the appropriate villa or apartment, go to the website Spain-Real.Estate. An extensive collection of housing units in various locations is provided to deliver pleasant experiences and perfect conditions for life. The source allows buyers to find the real estate for investment and personal use in just a few clicks. 

The outcomes 

The best part of living in Spain for an expat is the opportunity to experience different ways of life and get to know another culture better. In the morning you can play golf or go to the beach, and in the afternoon take a short trip to the mountains to go skiing. Investors have a huge portion of benefits as well. Good investment return and high liquidity of property offers lots of ways to get sound passive income. Protection Status