A room with a sitting window!

Some blueberries on the seal to dry!

Linen clothes!


Dried flowers!

If you are a lover of aesthetics, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these terms?

If it is cottage care, then we are on the same track of mind!

Yes, cottage core, also known as the country aesthetic, is something that many of us are currently in love with.

It is all about living amidst nature and enjoying a slow living.

Alas, living in busy city life, it is sometimes impossible to do that.

But we can always indulge in some good aesthetic, right?

So, today in this excerpt below, we will be talking about the interior designing elements which you can add to your house in order to get that cottagecore feel.

Your own house or apartment is going to be that little escape!

So, sit back as we talk more about it.

What Is Cottagecore?

Before we explain anything, let us tell you that there is no such term as ‘Cottagecore’ in the course of interior designing.

Cottagecore is purely a term that was coined by pop culture and social media (mostly Instagram & Tumblr).

This is more of a rustic country vibe, which has a hint of romantic tone in it.

That is the best description of cottagecore.

Some of the key elements which you will find in cottage core are.

– White Bamboo Bed Sheets

– Beige & Nude tones.

– Vintage & Copper kitchenware.

– Glass jars.

Etc etc.

You can even get some softwares from pirate bay, which will help you design that rustic cottage core look in your house.

Think of the Burrow from the Harry Potter movies, and maybe you will understand a little.

How to get that Cottage Core Aesthetic

There are a few changes which you have to make with your interior design. However, you do not have to go all the way.

With a few simple changes in your interior, you will be able to get that rustic touch of country life right in your house.

1. Decorate Your Furniture

Decorating your furniture is the easiest way to change any aesthetic in your house. This is also probably the most affordable way. So, here are some of the suggestions which you can consider.

– Add more line sheets to your bed and floral duvet covers.

– Throw some beige and nude throw blankets on the couch.

– Add some cousins who have a rustic countryside feel.

– Add plants.

– You can also incorporate some pastel or rustic green colors in your decoration.

2. Add Curtains

So, you do not have the budget to paint your entire house?

Add some curtains!

The main color scheme of cottage core is light, cotton white, line whites, beiges, and even some shades of green.

However, something that gives the most cottage core feel is sheer white curtains. The one that flies slowly in the light breeze.

So, get these curtains today!

3. Paint!

If you are waiting to paint your apartment or house, and you have the cottage core aesthetic in mind.

Then nothing could change the entire look of your living than a good painting.

You can even paint the tapestries of your kitchen cabinets to go all the way in.

Go for some green pastels if you are finding it hard to pick a color.

4. Copper Kitchenwares

Copper kitchen wares are like the epitome of cottage core!

They give that whole feeling of simple living with less modern amenities. So, you can give that illusion by having your copper pots and pans hanging in the kitchen.

One more excellent idea would be to get copper tops and glass jars for your pantry as well.

5. Dried Flower Decorations

Another notable and significant element of cottagecore!

Now, if you are in a city, it might be a little difficult to go outside and collect dried flowers. However, you can get artificial ones as well.

You can also handsome cottage core paintings for this purpose as well.

Decorate Till Your Heart’s Content!

The decoration is the best way to feel the aesthetic you want to live in!

Plus, decoration is extremely therapeutic, and after a long day at work, you would want to come to a house that is very comforting.

So, get decorating today!

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