If you work from home, you probably have a home office. Or, at the very least, an area dedicated to work. 

Some remote workers struggle to find motivation at times, and this problem can be attributed to the environment that surrounds them, i.e., their home office.

There are ways to improve your home office, which should translate into more productivity. Let’s take a look at potential methods to do that.

Put Up Some Visual Helpers

Visual helpers might be a bit of a stretch as a term, but you can treat certain things as a means to visually push you in the right direction.

Take motivational posters, for example. Those are pretty common, not just in a personal home office. Plenty of companies put up posters as a means to motivate employees.

Personalized desk calendars are worth a shout as well. They also serve a practical function, which is not to be underestimated.

And then there are pictures of those you love. Framing a picture and placing it on your desk so you can see it can be the difference-maker between finding motivation and struggling. One look at such a picture serves as a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.

Take Out the Trash

Do not get in the habit of becoming a messy person. As little as a few pieces of paper that you missed throwing in the bin can snowball and become a pile of garbage. 

If you are surrounded by garbage, it is natural that you are going to struggle with work. Such an environment is known to drain one’s motivation, and you should not underestimate how much of a difference a tidy workplace makes.

Similarly, you want to take care of the dust. Basically, try to make your home office as clean as possible, so you do not have to face the negative consequences stemming from the mess.

Optimize Your Computer and Internet Connection

Your computer and Internet connection are significant parts of the work setup. Poor performance leads to frustration. If the Internet is too slow or the computer takes too long to load or even crashes randomly, do not ignore the problem.

Even if it takes getting in touch with a computer service store and your ISP to get things fixed, take care of that as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will continue to struggle.

Make Yourself Comfortable

A proper office chair is sometimes underestimated by quite a few people. Instead of investing in a good chair that feels comfortable and supports your back, they get the closest chair available in the room. 

You need to consider the fact that you will be sitting on a chair for hours every day. Comfort is one of the priorities. Even if you have to pay extra for a comfortable chair, you should do it because it is a valuable long-term investment.

Let Natural Light in

Working in the dark might seem like a great thing at first, but studies have shown that avoiding natural light is not great for you. Worse vision and headaches are known causes of avoiding natural light.

Sure, there are times when the brightness becomes too much, and you cannot even look at the computer’s screen properly. In such cases, lowering the curtain is the go-to option. However, if the situation is not extreme, try to have as much natural light in your room as you can.

Get Plants

Plants keep the air inside your room cleaner and more fresh. It would be a waste not to have at least a couple of plants. 

Besides the obvious health benefits, plants also introduce a splash of green to the overall look of your home office. 

Sure, you might argue that houseplants are a bother to take care of and that you have no desire to use them. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the hassle that you might have to go through when taking care of plants.

Finally, it is worth noting that taking care of houseplants can work as a therapy of sorts. And who knows, you might start liking it.

Dedicate a Space for Some Light Exercise

A simple yoga mat does not take up that much space, yet it can prove a useful asset. By walking away from a computer and doing some stretching, you will get exercise and feel better. Short breaks are a great practice. There are times when the work is quite intense, but you should still be wary of your physical and mental state.

If you are uncertain about what exercises to do, check sources online, and you are bound to get some useful ideas.

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