Voice search is increasingly being used by Aussies in Brisbane and all across the globe. With every digital device carrying this technology, using it has never been easier—even kids can search for things by simply speaking aloud. And with the way voice search is getting popular each day, every brisbane seo company is out to discover the number one way of optimizing content for this innovative search platform.  There is no denying the multiple benefits that voice search optimization offers for businesses in Brisbane, especially when it comes to local search and backlinks generator. So, what’s the most effective strategy your SEO agency uses to rank higher for voice search? 

Optimize for local search.

Surveys revealed that voice search is used in Brisbane local searches three times more than traditional text search. On top of this, almost 50% of all total searches are local queries.These facts make local search engine optimization crucial in getting the top spot for voice search results – something your SEO partner will aim for.


So, how can your team optimize your content in Brisbane for your business to grow locally? The most important way to do this is to create content that your local market wants and needs to know. Plus, it also needs to be timely. When you have such content, incorporating local keywords into the mix comes next, so your Brisbane brand pops up on the local result pages.

Create a Google My Business page.

Having a Google My Business listing is unquestionably one of the most effective ways for your SEO agency to optimize local searches. Thus, it is also a powerful tactic for voice search. However, it will be a challenge to rank for voice search without a GMB page because Google uses the information on your business profile to answer voice searches. Your team knows having a GMP profile is essential if you want to appear in Google Maps –a crucial step for your business. This is because most people use voice search use technology to search for things near them.  What Google does is show the results plotted in a virtual Brisbane map. So, if your brand is listed on Google, you will be on that map.

Use structured data.

Much like searching for things traditionally, Google also looks for answers to voice queries by relying on structured data. And your SEO agency knows this. Thus, they will make sure your content follows structured data. Schema mark-up, for one, is a significant factor that affects your ranking, although not directly. What it does is help Google organize your content and classify it into different categories. This is very helpful in categorizing your business contact information as such. So, if your brand sells ice cream and people search for an ice cream shop in Brisbane, Google will instantly have your content and show it because of your schema mark-up that contains contact information. If you ask your brisbane seo company what the most effective way for ranking in voice searches is, they will tell you that a combination of different tactics is the answer. However, while you can prioritize one method more than others, focusing on one alone will not work.  So, be sure your SEO team is flexible and dynamic. Developing a solid strategy that involves all aspects of voice search is the way to go if you want to get the most for your brand.

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