No matter whether you are buying a home for the first time or have bought it multiple times, purchasing a house has always come with plenty of stress as a compliment. It is a complex process for sure and can be one of the biggest investments of your life both financially and emotionally. After all, it is the space where you will come back from anything to everything. Everything might look smooth sometimes and then a sudden boom and it’s all gone. You might go low on finances, another potent buyer could offer something higher, a hidden problem might occur, the mortgage could be affected and what not? That’s a lot for a person to counter with.

Sometimes things might go out of your control and that is where hiring a professional for yourself could be of great help. Look for the estate agents in Streatham to help you with the ups and downs of buying the property.

No matter what you try, purchasing a house comes with a certain amount of stress. However, there are certain ways through which it can be minimised and make the onboarding process a bit smoother.

Steps  to Minimise Your Home-Buying Stress

1. List Down For What You Want

An estate agent is not God and they can’t read your mind and fetch you what you want without you telling them. Until and unless you are not clear about what you want, you will end up wasting a lot of time looking for anything and everything that comes your way. Providing a direction to your agent can sound beneficial for both the parties as they will fetch you what you want and you won’t end up in a room of despair.

2. Tune To Be Flexible

Now that you know what you want and have a created a list of things that needs to be there in your “Dream Home”- try stretching yourself while considering houses is there is no such thing as perfect in this universe and you may not get exactly what you want but a little bit of here and there is what is called life. Be open to flexibility while searching home as it will create a sense of adaptability in you and you feel a lot lighter.

You may not get the exact reflection of what you have dreamt but you can prioritise things from your list. You can choose the house that closely matches the things from your priority list and lay down in peace.

3. Get  Yourself Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan

Financing your property has never been easy and it comes with plenty of stress. Most of the time it might feel that home loans are the quickest fix to finance a property but sometimes your credit score may think otherwise. It is always advisable to get a pre-approved mortgage before bidding on any property.

Making a property close to your heart and failing in finances can lead to tremendous amounts of stress and emotional disruption.

The road toward pre-approval is an easy path. All you need to do is to wash up your previous sins-most probably credit scores and clean up your bills on time which will eventually increase your credit score and will help you in clearing the approval effortlessly.

4. Mind Map Your Estate Agent

Although, you can educate yourself through the buying process until and unless you ain’t in the real estate field, your agent knows more than you and you may not be right all the time. While purchasing a home, it’s important to keep your “I know everything attitude” and listen to what your agents say. This doesn’t mean blindly listening to tour agents but respecting their advice and research accordingly.

Even if your agent offers a lowball deal in the beginning, trust them, they know the industry better than you and may have made thousands of deals which make them on par with you. Instead of fighting with your agent over a certain set of advice, try communicating with them effectively and pull down your areas of doubt and concerns. This may save you a lot of time, energy and resources. Don’t feel uncertain about your agents as they won’t get paid until the deal closes, so you lay down in serene. 

5. Fill In Your Pockets With Cash

Purchasing a house may be your biggest financial investment and may not want to back off in the middle. Make sure to understand the cost of purchasing a property before making the final leap.

While purchasing a house your mortgage lender expects a down payment from you which is typically 3-5% depending on the type of loan you are going into. Apart from the down payment, there are certain other fees that get involved such as mortgage application, closing cost, appraisal fee, credit report fees, etc.


Although buying a house can come with a certain amount of anxiety and stress, remember you may have waited for this moment throughout your life or a couple of years. This time needs to be ushered and celebrated rather than taking sleeping pills at night. 

Although stress is inevitable, there always comes a fix. You can minimise the stress with a certain round of preparation and education. Rather than taking long jumps, it is always advisable to take tiny steps and get things done one by one. Protection Status