Generally, moving home can be a stressful thing to do and in some cases, it can be costly, too. However, it doesn’t have to be very expensive for your bank account to go down the drain.

Moving home demands a lot of time and there’s just so much to do. From planning to clearing trash to the moving itself and, of course, the unpacking. Despite all these activities, there are ways to tackle more cost-efficient means of moving houses.

Money-Saving Tips for Moving Home

The most important thing that people normally want to do is to save as much money as possible. So, below are ways to reduce your expenses when moving home.

  1. Plan Ahead

Having a plan helps you ward off unnecessary expenditures such as buying packing tape because you don’t have enough or because you forgot to buy markers to label your boxes. When you have a plan you can make sure that everything on your to-do list is accomplished.

2. Clear the Clutters

When you remove broken, malfunctioning, worn out and not-so-useful-anymore things, you also reduce the things to be covered for moving. Thus, reducing costs while getting rid of your clutters.

3. Compare and Pick the Best Removalist

Do not settle for the first removalist that pops on your search list. Chances are, a reputable removalist near you can offer you better and more affordable deals.

It helps to have 3 to 5 moving companies to choose from and pick the one that offers the best service. However, picking the cheapest may not mean the best. So, it helps to compare not just their quotations but the quality of service they can provide. You should also check client reviews and references.

4. Scout for Free Boxes

You don’t have to buy when you could ask neighbours and nearby stores for boxes they would rather throw away. You can also use plastic containers, baskets, hampers and large garbage bags to pack your things.

If you have small cabinets or drawers, it may be best to fill them up with clothes or other non-breakables before sealing them with plastic wraps.

5. Sell What You No Longer Need

If you have things that you no longer need but are still useful, you can sell them in a garage or yard sale. Not only will you save on moving and packing services but you can also earn some cash.

6. Set a Specific Budget

When you are working on a moving home budget, there is a high chance that you will stick with it. You can either underspend but never overspend the budget you have. By doing so, you are sure to save what you need to save and probably save more in the process.

7. Mobilise Household Members

If you can assign packing and decluttering tasks to everyone at home, you can save on packing services. This way, decluttering will be more efficient, as each one knows particularly what to throw and what to bring during the move.

8. Do the Packing on Your Own

Many removalists offer packing services and this is a good option if you hired the right one. However, if you wanted to declutter and reduce your moving cost, you may opt to pack things on your own, so you can be sure to pack only the things you want to bring.

9. Book During Off-Peak Season

Research on off-peak season trends when hiring removalists. Essentially, summertime is the busiest season for removalists. The best time to book a move is in autumn when you have the cool breeze without the winter chills. And in some cases, you can also enjoy excellent deals.

10. Cut Cost on Other Packing Materials

Similar to free boxes, you can also save up on packing materials. If you have coloured papers lying around, you can use them to colour code your boxes, instead of buying markers to label your boxes. You can use blankets, towels, small pillows and other cloth-like materials as buffers rather than buying foams or fillers.

11. Empty your Cupboards and Fridge

If your fridge and pantry are full, consume all the food and beverages as much as you can. Forget about takeaways for the time being and eat what you have in your kitchen. This way, you can save on meals plus you’ll have lesser things to pack and move.

12. Get a Moving Insurance

While a reliable mover includes a provision on moving insurance in their services, it helps to personally file an insurance policy for your properties, especially those that have monetary and sentimental values. By doing so, you can claim compensation in case of damages or loss of things.

13. Don’t Cause Damages on Your Current House

Remember to leave the house spik and span, especially if you were just renting. This way, you can prevent any claims on damage to property. Remember to take photos of the empty space in case you need evidence that the property was left in good condition.

14. Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit

Separately pack some food, bottled water, blankets, clothes, towels, soap, batteries, chargers, plates, cups and utensils that you can use when you move. You sure will not be able to unpack everything in one day so it helps to have a surviving kit rather than booking a hotel.


With these 14 tips, you can surely move with money spent wisely.

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