Fitness is one of the most harrowing things for many people in the world. If you are one such person, your days of worry are a thing of the past now. Anyone can become fit now without the need for costly gym memberships or vigorous training. What if the fitness journey can actually be a journey? 

A one that doesn’t require you to spend crazy amounts of money on flight tickets or hefty cruise tickets? Well, with the usage of an app named Vingo, you can get on the journey of fitness at an affordable price. In fact, the app comes at absolutely no cost as of now. So, if you have an old cycle or treadmill at your disposal, you are all set to take the entertaining and exciting fitness journey.

Kickstart Your Journey of Fitness

If you have a stationary cycle at your home then you can enter the world of Vingo. It is an exciting world that is created with the usage of new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, shared reality, etc. 

The concept itself is not an entirely new thing. If you have played any massively multiplayer online games in the past, it is very much similar to that. One critical difference is that you might have played first person shooter or strategy or other arcade games. However with this new app, you will be cycling, running, jogging or walking in this virtual world. So, you can workout in your home on the cycles or treadmills but you will feel like exploring a new place in the world. Since it is a shared reality, you can also partner up with others from anywhere around the world. 

In essence you can run along with your friend who lives on a different continent and still feel the same warmth and intimacy of exploring the world together. 

Free Activity Tracking & Goal Setting

The app is similar to most other games and there are bonuses for finishing targets such as daily targets, weekly goals, and even distance goals. Now you don’t have to worry about not working on your fitness. The Vingo app is also connected with your social media. So, you can easily share your achievements and progress with your friends on the internet without being worried about the extra effort. Everything can be done on the go, with the help of a few clicks. 

The app helps you to track your activity and also allows you to set your personal goals to reach your desired fitness levels.

A Truly Multifaceted App

The industry is filled with a number of fitness apps but only a few get as good as the Vingo app. It is not only an activity tracker but also a regular motivator. In fact, the app has many thriving communities where people share their experiences and guide others in their fitness journey. Whether you are a novice runner or an experienced marathon runner, the app provides something for you. Similarly, the app can also be used for your cycling training. Protection Status