If you are looking to reopen your Amazon Seller account, this article will be helpful to you. So let’s solve it now!

How long have you been out of Amazon? Reactivating your inactive amazon seller account is very simple. But handling an Amazon seller suspended account is quite complicated. 

If you thought it was impossible to return to sales, you are wrong! With just a few simple settings, you can reactivate your Amazon seller account quickly. Our article contains all the information you need to reactivate your inactive amazon seller account.


2 Ways To Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account

Method 1: Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account Through Settings Menu

  • Step 1: Get started by visiting the Amazon Seller home page by clicking here; Then log in to your seller account.
  • Step 2: Select the “Settings” option and click “Account Info.” 
  • Step 3: Look for the “Going on a vacation?” option and click on it.
  • Step 4: Choose the “Active” option and then click the “Submit” button.

Method 2: Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account From the Account Page Alert

  • Step 1: Again, visit the Amazon Seller home page by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Click the “Reactivate your listings” link, which is located below the toolbar at the top of the page.  

If your account is inactive, you will see the warning “Your listings are currently inactive in the following marketplace(s): www.amazon.com. At this time, your listings are not being displayed for sale.”

If you don’t see this warning, your seller account is probably active.

  • Step 3: Choose “Active” and click the “Submit” button. Then you’re ready to go back to selling.

How To Reactivate An Amazon Seller Suspended Account

Unlike reactivating your inactive amazon, reopening the suspended seller account is complicated. So, if you do not want your Amazon account suspended, it is best to strictly follow the guidelines suggested by Amazon.


In fact, your account may be automatically deactivated by Amazon; And sometimes, you may not know why your account was disabled.

Fortunately, it is possible to reactivate your Amazon seller suspended account to get back to selling. But, first, let’s find out why your Amazon account is suspended.

1. Common Causes of your Amazon Seller Suspended Account

Amazon will notify you of the cause of your account suspension. However, you may not receive a reasonable explanation as to which policies your account violated. Here are some common causes of  your Amazon seller suspended account:

Violation of Seller Policy

Before signing up to sell on Amazon, you were asked to read its seller terms clearly. To avoid violating these terms, you should do the following:

  • Check your product information frequently. Make sure they are always in line with Amazon policies.
  • Remember Amazon policies and agreements.
  • Try to grab the latest Amazon updates as soon as possible.

If you’re serious about following the rules, it’s possible to negotiate with Amazon when your seller account is suspended.


Poor Performance

This e-commerce site is harsh when it comes to seller performance metrics. If a seller cancels too many orders, frequently fails to deliver on time, or has a low customer review score, your seller account is at high risk of being suspended.

On the other hand, it is essential to comply with product content policy. Specifically, your products must meet the criteria for titles, bullet points, product images, product descriptions, back-end search terms, and more.

To avoid your account being suspended, follow these minimum goals:

  • Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate less than 2.5%
  • Order Defect rate less than 1%
  • Late Shipment rate less than 4%

Offer Restricted Products

Amazon always tries to create the most reputable marketplace possible. Thus, Amazon encourages sellers to report any violations by other sellers. 

To avoid being denounced by competitors, make sure your product is valid.

2. Step-By-Step Instructions For Reactivating Your Amazon Suspended Accounts

Learn About the Reason for the Suspension

Let’s start by analyzing which policy you have violated to find the right solution. It is best to read Amazon’s announcement carefully to better understand the problem.

Build A Wise Strategy

Prove to Amazon that you’re a trustworthy seller by doing the following:

  • Prevent this suspension from happening again in the future by implementing some wise strategies.
  • Show Amazon that you are an essential seller for its marketplace by providing positive attributes about your account.

3. Submit A Petition to Amazon

Use the following steps to submit a petition to Amazon:

  • After logging in to your account, go to the Seller Center.
  • Go to the Performance tab; Select “Performance Notifications” from the dropdown.
  • At the Suspension Notice, click the appeal tab.
  • Complete the Appeal Form.

4. Pro Tips

There are many requests to reactivate suspended Amazon accounts every day. Therefore, it is essential to make your claims stand out. Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Highlight the positive attributes of your store; Show Amazon how your store benefits its market.
  • Mention the reason for the suspension; Show Amazon that you are solely responsible for them.
  • Demonstrate effective sales techniques that you will apply in the future.
  • Outline your clever plan for providing Amazon customers with a better shopping experience.
  • Promise that you will not again violate Amazon’s policies.
  • Use a professional and positive tone to make requests.

Besides making a complaint to Amazon through Seller Central, you can also email seller-performance@amazon.com.

If you are inexperienced in this area, it is wise to ask for the help of a reputable amazon marketing agency that offers Amazon full account management service.


Overall, it is possible to reactivate an inactive amazon seller account. However, for suspended accounts, reopening the account is a bit more complicated.

Don’t worry! You can reactivate your account by following the instructions above. What’s more, it is a good idea to visit website to get help from experts. As a good entrepreneur, you can fix the problem and improve your business.

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