On May 26, a new dungeon became available in Destiny 2 as part of Season 21 content called Ghosts of the Deep. In this article, we will briefly analyze the passage of the main stages and study all the available rewards.

Basic information

Following the general theme of the season, the dungeon is located on Saturn’s moon Titan. You start on the surface of one of Arcology’s ruined structures and gradually descend into the depths of the methane sea to find a source that emits massive energy. This time, the Radiant Swarm will play the role of the main enemy, because of which, in the process of battles, you will have to face Hive guards and vile luminous moths, which, after exploding, take away almost half of XP. 

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Key features of dungeons

  1. Designed for a group of 1-3 players.
  2. The launch icon on the HELMET HQ map only appears after the player has taken a special quest from Hawthorne.
  3. There are two levels of difficulty: normal, with a recommended light level of 1790 (without any modifiers), and master – 1840 (with a bunch of various modifiers).
  4. For master difficulty, the effective light level is 1820, meaning you won’t get any benefit above this value.
  5. The dungeon is divided into 5 stages – 3 main and 2 intermediate. In the process of passing them, you will have to explore both surface and underwater locations.
  6. The first intermediate stage is perhaps the longest among all dungeons.
  7. Note that in underwater areas, air bubbles are common to the group, and after being absorbed, they are restored after a certain period of time.
  8. In total, you have to fight 2 bosses.
  9. There are 2 hidden chests (both are in intermediate stages) and 12 collectibles that transmit lore from the face of the goddess of war Hive – Zivu Arat.


The Phantoms of the Deep offer the following list of rewards:

  • Seal – contains 10 already quite standard for Destiny 2 triumphs. This item allows you to get the title of Ghoul, and increase the chance of getting a new exotic weapon.
  • The Possessed King Armor Set – one of the most chic new sets, made in the style of the Hive. What is most interesting, for each part of the set, all elements are completely painted, which is why, using certain shaders, the character can be turned into a flashing light bulb.
  • A weapon with a special initial Restoration Ritual perk and, unfortunately, not such a special appearance. The perk, when resurrecting allies or performing a finishing move, reloads the current weapon and hangs a buff on the character that instantly reloads the current weapon, as soon as the cartridges run out in the clip. 

Also, according to the standard scheme, the final boss with a certain chance drops a new very unusual beam rifle The Navigator, which has 2 unique perks:

  • Weft Cutter – when dealing continuous damage, the enemy receives a cutoff debuff (reduces outgoing damage). Also during the tests, the players found out that the perk has a hidden effect that puts a thread buff “Wicker Carapace” on the character.
  • Protective Weave – you and your ally get the “Weave Shell” buff for 10 seconds while shooting at your ally. Also, when you activate the shell on an ally, you get some of the ammo back, and they come from the air, and not from the reserve. 

However, unlike Divinity, the usefulness of the Navigator is still highly questionable, especially considering that it takes up an exotic slot, making it impossible to take more useful options.

Walkthrough of the dungeon

Stage 1

The group appears in a rather spacious forest location. In the process of studying it, sooner or later you will stumble upon a round structure of the Hive, behind which there is a passage blocked by a green field, leading further into the depths of the dungeon. There are 2 statues on the left side of the structure, in the middle there is a point for setting a raid flag, and right next to the field, there are two Hive Knights, killing whom you will start the stage.

Stage 2

After successfully passing 1 intermediate stage, you will find yourself in a small room where the battle with the first boss will take place – a knight with an AOE gun. It is worth noting a few particularly important points:

  1. At stages 2 and 3, there is no standard resurrection restriction. In case of death, you can automatically get up after 15 seconds, which is why a full wipe occurs only if all members of the group die.
  2. The bosses of stages 2 and 3 are the guardians of the Hive, because of this, after death, it is important to finish off their ghosts.

Ordinary opponents at stages 2 and 3 constantly appear, in other words, they never end.

Stage 3

After successfully passing 2 intermediate stages, you will find yourself in a spacious room where the battle with the final boss – the witch – will take place. This time the arena is divided into 4 locations – the main one, where the boss lives, and 3 side ones, where the Hive guards live. The locations are connected to each other by a short underwater segment (you can literally fly through it) and each side has 2 entrances. Note that opponents cannot pass through the underwater segment.

Dungeons in Destiny 2 offer an intriguing and captivating experience that delights millions of game enthusiasts. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that conquering these dungeons can be challenging, requiring perseverance, skill, knowledge of their structures, and suitable weaponry. Wishing you the best of luck in your gaming activities!

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