An intro can often make all the difference between success and failure on YouTube. A great intro hooks the audience by presenting something they like. It creates a solid first impression and takes you one step ahead in attracting like-minded viewers and subscribers. However, YouTube video creators often ask a few questions before creating an intro video. Here are a few questions you can commonly find on the internet:

  • Is it easy to make intro videos? 
  • Can you make intro videos for free? 
  • How are intro videos different from standard videos?
  • Do I need any special tool to make intro videos?
  • Can I get a free online intro maker to make professional intro videos?

The questions form the basis of this article. In this article, you will find simple answers to all complex questions surrounding YouTube intros and learn the best way to make intro videos like a professional. 

What is Intro Video, and Why Does it Matter?

With over 2 billion monthly active users and 38 million active channels, YouTube is the most famous video-sharing website globally. Almost 15 million content creators compete with one another to grab a pie of the ever-growing community of YouTube followers. Hence, they keep trying innovative things to draw viewers to their channel. 

An eye-catchy intro is often considered the best way to catch the audience’s attention and motivate them to stay beyond the first thirty seconds. Interestingly, marketing pundits consider the first thirty seconds of a video or lecture as the most vital. If the audience does not find the first thirty seconds attractive, they might not spend the remaining time with you mentally. 

An intro video encapsulates the happenings of the whole video in a nutshell. The intro video is often more exciting than the main video because users generally lose interest if the intro is not proper. If you decide to skip the intro and move to the main body directly, you will still need an intro to begin the video properly. 

Hence, learning how to make intro videos is imperative when you want to ramp up your visibility on YouTube. 

How Can You Make Intro Videos For Free?

To make intro videos for free, you need a high-quality intro maker. While you can get many intro makers on the internet, look at the features to choose the best one. Modern-day free intro makers can be as influential as costly downloadable software. However, not all of them offer the same features or convenience. 

The best intro maker is the one that lets you edit videos quickly, seamlessly, and for free. Almost all free intro makers offer a paid version. But, you can generally get enough tools and resources in the free plan to test your skills to produce excellent videos. 

The best intro maker provides you with over 5,000 video templates to get the perfect layout and style of your intro video. You can also access a media library containing over 3 million standard images and video clips. The best free plan would ideally offer you a video length of up to 15 minutes per video. Since intro videos generally last between 15 and 90 seconds, the free version is capable enough to help you create professional intro videos. 

Hence, you can create professional intro videos for free, provided you have access to the best video editor on the internet. 

Which Factors Should You Consider While Creating Intro Videos?

Now that you know how to create intro videos for free, let’s learn about the factors you must keep in mind to create impeccable, eye-catchy intro videos for YouTube: 

  1. Duration – If you look at the top intro videos on YouTube, you will most likely see that almost all of them are under fifteen (15) seconds since a long video might make the audience feel bored or uninterested. And, if your audience skips or leaves the video before the intro video gets over, it defeats the ultimate purpose of the video. 
  2. Brand Recognition – Brand recognition is very important for a YouTube video creator. An intro video is your time to make the audience associate with and recognize your brand. Try including your brand or channel name, tagline, signature color, logo, and fonts. If you keep the signature elements consistent, people will associate your brand every time they watch those signature elements on the screen.
  3. Animation – A no-frills way to enhance the visual appeal of your intro video is by animating the text. You can try various visual effects like fade in, fade out, boomerang, circle in, circle out, etc., to enhance the fun quotient of your video and make it more appealing. 
  4. Video Quality – There’s no room for compromising with the quality while shooting an intro video. Fortunately, high-quality video editors allow you to create full HD videos of up to 1080p and make your audience amazed. 
  5. Music – Make music an integral part of your YouTube intro video, and viewers will never turn their back to your video. Whether the music is subtle or loud depends on your brand’s tonality. And once you decide on the dominant theme, stick to it in all your videos. Many free online YouTube intro makers provide thousands of royalty-free songs and music you can include in your video. 

What Type of YouTube Intro Videos Can You Create?

Depending on your needs and purpose, you can create the following intro video types:

  1. Title Card – The Title Card is a relatively uncommon intro video type that lasts for between five and seven seconds. Sometimes, the title card can be a static image with soothing background music to create the right impact.    
  2. Typographic Intro – These intros are generally between three and five seconds. The typographic intro contains clips from the main video and a text overlay. Basically, it sets the ball rolling. 
  3. Animated Intro – Animated intros fit any situation and provide a perfect beginning to the video. Free video makers offer fantastic visual effects and transitions to level up your animated intro video. 


We hope this article has enlightened you about YouTube intro, its benefits, and how to create one. So, it’s time to apply your knowledge to an intro maker to produce fascinating videos and become famous on YouTube. Keep visiting this space to read more informative articles about video editing.  

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