Social media has widespread wings in our day-to-day life, it has come up as a virtual world that is much similar to the physical world in terms of interaction but uses the internet, it’s a place where people interact with each other and alongside take up extra advantages of features like updated stories, likes, sharing of content, etc. There are several social media platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Every platform has a certain way of carrying out the interaction as Twitter believes in tweets, Facebook trusts in creating stories and Instagram takes up posts related to images, videos, etc. In addition to social interaction, social media platforms have come up with their marketplaces or business pages, using which several businesses have extended their way of business online as well. Here, I will discuss Pikdo, which is a social media platform and is an extended version of Instagram. 

Pikdo is a well-known social media platform for Instagram and provides a web view of it, which means it’s a web version of Instagram. Pikdo charges no fee and it gives the perfect experience for free. It provides information on the basis of users, location, followers, hashtags, popular content, statistics, and much more. Also, it provides search results on the basis of several filters, which means a highly customized result can be obtained while browsing it. Instagram does not allow you to browse without making any login but using Pikdo you can anonymously browse and check Instagram’s popular photos, posts, and much more. 


What is an Instagram web Viewer?

A web version is a broad view with a bigger GUI (graphical user interface) as compared to the app and is accessible through desktop or mobile. Instagram web viewer helps you to boost your profile as it provides information related to your account like how many people have seen your profile, people who are following you, etc. It also provides updates from Instagram with several filters like popular images, users, location, etc. Pikdo was initiated with the idea of creating a web version of Instagram. There are several other platforms that give similar web experiences like Greatfon, Dumpor, and much more. 

How does Pikdo work?

It is an interactive web-based software, using which you can easily log in to your Instagram account and can have a web-based experience with all the functionalities available on an Instagram App. After login, you can access images or videos of yours or your friends’. As you scroll down, you will see one image at a time, also you can have details of the caption by hovering over the image. On clicking through the page you can easily share the content on several social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. If you want to access Instagram without using a password then that is also possible through Pikdo i.e., you can browse Instagram stuff thoroughly as anonymously. 

Is Pikdo safe to use?

Since it allows you to browse in both ways ie, via login or anonymously, so you can try the latter way of browsing, and hence using it you don’t have to give any credentials, and yeah it is safe. Although it provides every possible content of Instagram without any permission of the user, it does not share its user data with anyone (no news has been seen till today).

What is the need for Anonymity?

Pikdo provides anonymous browsing of Instagram, there could be several reasons for this as someone with higher authority like a public influencer wants to follow someone without allowing him/her to know that someone is stalking them. Also, a boss in the office wants to see the Instagram handle of his/her employee, so as to check whether they are creating any post related to defaming the brand value of the company, and likewise, there could be several other reasons for it.

How to use Pikdo?

It is not that difficult to use Pikdo, all it needs is a login credential of Instagram. Apart from credentials, it requires a little bit of knowledge of the web user interface, so that it could be easy for an individual to operate the Pikdo user interface. There are several terminologies similar to Instagram like tags, posts, images, videos, etc. So, nothing special is available in Pikdo which can create hindrances while operating.

Enhance Instagram growth via Pikdo

If your Instagram profile is not getting enough reach and is going down in terms of views or likes then Pikdo can be proved as a helping hand. In order to accelerate Instagram profile popularity, you can use Pikdo. As it helps to analyze the Instagram profiles strength and using which you can come up with new ideas of how you can improve your Instagram profile? It provides results like most used filters, hashtags, check-ins made by the profile, etc.

What happened to Pikdo?

Pikdo has gone down as it had been sued by Facebook in the year 2020, the main reason for jailing such a website is their misconduct of online privacy. Also, these websites used images, videos, etc, and further allowed downloading of them, which was considered a sin. Facebook claims they had been actively watching all these websites since the year 2019. and they tried to protect against all these clone websites, in order to do this, they had to disable nearby 30,000 fake Instagram accounts.

Alternative Of Pikdo

Although Pikdo is a great way of measuring several different statistics for Instagram, it provides a platform to check and verify Instagram profile growth and much more. But, since it was indulged in wrong practices and so, has been banned. When it comes to the fan group of Pikdo, they are still waiting for Pikdo to begin again. But till then, fans can use the best alternatives of this website like:

i) Yooying

It is the best alternative if you are willing to discover the hottest trend of Instagram. Also, it provides several different hashtags using which you can access different content on the basis of choice.

ii) Ingram

It is also a kind of web portal that resembles Instagram GUI (Graphical User Interface). In order to use this portal, you don’t have to login or sign up and all you have to do is browse the most favorite content just like it.

iii) Piknu

It is said to be the most simple and quickest web portal, it also bears a resemblance to Instagram. Although it used to be active, now it has been disabled by google and does not come up with any google searches. It vanished in a mysterious way.

iv) Imgtagram

It is also an alternative to Pikdo, here you can search for Instagram’s famous users, hashtags, videos, and much more. This web portal is easy to use. It also enables the download and availability of content offline to modify and recreate the strategy to boost Instagram profile.


Pikdo has been a popular web portal, which basically deals with Instagram posts, hashtags, videos, and much more related stuff. But due to violation of privacy, it has been banned and is no longer accessible. If still, you want to access this kind of web portal then you may go to suggested ones or can say the alternatives of Pikdo. Protection Status