For decades, woodwinds have been the preserve of the rich, traditional and conservative music world. However, a new company called Forestone wants to change that. The founders of the company believe that the future of woodwinds is an open, borderless one. They hope that by opening up their products and services to musicians worldwide, they will help to create a more inclusive and international community of musicians. In addition, they offer excellent customer service.

reed Clarinet Sib Forestone Black Bamboo

Made in Japan, the reed Clarinet Sib has been developed after thirty years of know-how and development. This reed has a standard U-shape with a hint of thickness of 0.1 mm. Its consistent vibration and projection ensure great performance over the entire range. Aside from its good vibration and projection, the bamboo reed does not leave any aftertaste in the mouth of the clarinetist.

The reed Clarinet Sib can be adjusted to achieve the perfect playing position. Its resistance to breath is easily adjustable by lifting or lowering it slightly on the mouthpiece table. To make further adjustments, you can use sandpaper and a carpet knife. Alternatively, you can cut the reed by hand using a carpet knife. Lastly, it is available in four different sizes.

Unlike other bamboo reeds, the Black Bamboo reed has more resistance and is made from half bamboo and half PP. The reed’s wood-like sound is characterized by the unique blend of bamboo and plastic. The reed is a new innovation from CANE REBORN and boasts exceptional resistance and durability. It is suitable for classical music and jazz, and is available for all single-reed instruments.

The Forestone reeds’ useful life varies depending on the player. Different players apply stress on the reed differently, but they tend to outlast good cane reeds. The proprietary material of Forestone makes the reed more durable, and outlasts good quality cane. A Forestone reed will feel less lively after a certain period of time, which is the signal that it is time to retire it.

Taiwanese stencil

A Forestone sax is a more or less Taiwanese-made stencil, with fit & finish in Japan. A sax made in Japan would have trouble labeling itself as “made in Japan” if it were sold in the US. Still, it’s better to be upfront about the label than to hide behind a misleading “made in Taiwan” claim. The definition of made in any country can vary vastly, even within the same country. The term “made in USA” is well-regulated for automobiles, textiles, and fur products, but not necessarily for any other product.

Japanese fit & finish

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On time guarantee

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