Have you ever wondered why you get calls or SMS on mobile from a strange number? When I say strange, that means a number that is not in your contact list and whenever you try to reach that particular number through mobile, you get a strange voice stating that the number is not in use and sometimes it did not connect. So, here I want to tell you that these calls and messages are called text mails. The motive of such calls is either to conduct a marketing campaign or send some critical information to users. 

What is Text Mail?

Text mail comprises two words i.e., one is “text” and another is “mail” where the “text” refers to simple plain text with no additional image or video in a message, and “mail” simply means a process of sending mail through the internet. It can be sent using any of the devices, and all it should have is a working internet connection. Text emails are sent basically in two ways i.e., one is simply a text message and another is a voicemail. As told earlier, text message consists of plain text and does not include any other detail like video, images, etc. whereas voicemail is simply a recorded voice message, which can be listened to through mobile. If you are looking for the most  secured messaging app, then you must look for the Speek Network, and you will be amazed.

Who is a Text mail Subscriber?

Text mail is sent using the internet, and a text mail subscriber is an individual who confirms the subscription of users through their emails. Text mail subscriber uses mobile numbers and emails of users to send some critical information. But unluckily some misuse these details and send false information to users which is also known as spam. This service of text mail was not intended for spam purposes but as some make the most of this service and pours negative influence on the audience which is not a good deed, so in order to escape from such spam, it is required to do research before subscribing to any such kind of services.

How to detect Text mail scammers?

There are several ways a scammer can contact you and do fraud to you. Out of these frauds, some are listed here, by going through them, you will get knowledge about the types of fraud a text mail subscriber can carry out. 

Money Related Alerts

If an email or message has been sent to you which is related to money by any means then you should get careful regarding the same and think twice before proceeding ahead with the message given in the email or message, as there are chances of fraud to take place which should be avoided by an individual’s smartness. If I talk about the type of fraud, it can be related to asking for money as a charge in exchange for some kind of service or an increased amount of bill payment that has already been paid, and much more. 

Have Won Lottery or prizes

If any email or message reaches you stating that you have won a lottery or some amount of money without any prior information about the participation in any of these, then this is surely a case of fraud and you must be aware of such kind of mails in order to save yourself from being a victim. These frauds work by claiming that you have won the prize and later asking you to enter the details, so as to acquire all your pieces of information and later can misuse your details in any of the forms. If you have gone through such kinds of mail before, then that was a fraud mail for sure and the only way of saving yourself from such emails or messages is not to respond to them back and mark them as spam so that you could save yourself from being a victim in coming future.

Require to pay at Government website

If you ever come across any email or message which is asking you to pay at the government site, this could be a fraud as none of the government bodies ask you to pay money on the site without any prior information and if it is required to pay then it will be better to consult the required department before moving ahead with the message. By doing so you will get yourself saved from being a victim of such a kind of fraud.

Threat Messages

Sometimes you might have seen threat messages either in the form of email or SMS asking you to pay money otherwise stating that they will harm you or your loved ones in any of the forms. Save yourself from such fraudulent messages, else you will have to pay the price in the coming future. Additionally, do not panic and reach out to any legal person who can help you regarding such kinds of threat messages.

Tracking of Text Mail Subscriber

If you have been contacted by a text mail subscriber and now you are willing to track back the same, you will be surprised to know that there is no direct way of doing so but there are ways of researching about the same which can lead you in a right direction. 

Can take the help of Web

Nowadays, you can get every sort of information regarding anything over the web, and when it comes to searching for a text mail subscriber then it is not an exception anymore. If you have any details of a text mail subscriber whether it is a phone number or an email id, all you have to do is open any search engine and put the information in the search box and definitely, you will get the desired result as output.

Reply to the same email

If you have got spam on email then there will exist an email address using which the email has been sent, you may use that email address and reply to the spammer directly and may ask to stop sending such kind of email or ask for the reason for sending spam. This way, you may contact the spammer directly.

Try with Tracking Apps

If you got the mobile number of a text mail subscriber then you should try searching the mobile number using the tracking app (there are several tracking apps available) and if you are lucky enough, you will definitely get the details. These apps do not guarantee to give the details of every searched mobile number. After getting the required details of a text mail subscriber you may take legal action against the same, only if you want.

Legal Action

If you have not got any details of the text mail subscriber and are receiving the spam or threat email continuously then you should take strict action against it and should approach the higher authorities in order to get rid of such spam messages full of threats. This way you will help society in getting rid of such kind of stigma in the coming future.

Text mail subscribers do not necessarily do bad deeds but if they are going beyond the limits of ethics and are becoming harsh day by day then this is the time to take legal action against them, so as to get rid of them. If you have no idea about them like who they are and what they do, then you should go through the article from the very beginning. I have tried to cover every aspect of text mail subscribers so that readers could get the fair and complete meaning of this term.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is a text mail subscriber?

It is the one who is involved in sending the text mail to the audience by using services like email or mobile messages or phone calls with the variable intention of marketing or spam.

Is it possible to get a text mail subscriber number?

The answer to this question is YES, but it depends on the service provider, as it might be possible that the service provider has assigned that number randomly and does not have a record of it. If you are hunting for a text mail subscriber number, you must reach the service provider, and it is not as straightforward as it seems.

Is tracking possible?

It is not straightforward but if you opt for the below-mentioned tactics then you may reach the answer to your quest. The possible ways of tracking are:

Searching through search engine
Using tracking apps
Directly reaching to legal bodies

Is all text mail subscriber fraud?

The answer to this question is NO. It depends on whether a text mail subscriber’s intention is to promote the services or to capture the target through spam.

How to block text mail subscribers?

There are certain ways of blocking the text mail subscriber like:

Unsubscribing the email received in the inbox,
Marking the mail as spam so that it did not come in inbox directly
If it is a mobile number, then put that number in the block list

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