Users in Australia are excited because it is about viewing their preferred content. People used to sit down while watching TV at a scheduled time and day, but those days are long gone. Now, because of the fast-paced world, changing workplace, and smart lifestyle, viewers desire control over how they consume media.

To entice viewers to a streaming platform, it must offer flexibility and features that meet their needs. Some streaming platforms are only available in certain regions, it is important for these services to extend their services in other regions as well. Example may include the availability of Hulu, Peacock or Youtube TV in Australia. These services are not available in this region but streamers always strive to get them at any cost using the work arounds.

To accomplish this, it is critical to understand what qualities viewers seek in a streaming service. Consider the following list of essential features that a streaming platform should have in order to pique the interest of potential users.

List of features that users consider while subscribing to a streaming service in Australia?

User-friendly interface

According to statistics, 70% of customers give up purchases due to a negative customer experience. People have no opportunity to figure out complicated interfaces, and therefore rather than having to learn how things actually work, they’ll prefer a simpler alternative.

A customer device should be the most important aspect of every streaming platform. It is beneficial to employ UX and UI specialists who will manage all visual elements and conduct usability tests to ensure that your design is as user-friendly as necessary.

Security and privacy

Access to visual and audio content is for now simple and limitless. However, this also encourages foreign threats.

Invest in high-level security to protect the privacy of your users. Choose the appropriate servers, such as AWS, one of the most popular, secure, reliable, and customizable.

Also, ensure that encryption guidelines, certificates, and security protocols are addressed. It’s required so that user data is stored securely and is not compromised.

Video Content Management

Every streaming platform needs a CMS, or content management system. In addition to facilitating the organization of all content and providing a smoother environment for all the films you provide, this system also facilitates simple navigation for your audience.

People will be able to create a personalized library, discover new content, and quickly access their favourites through a video content management system.


A quality streaming platform must be suitable for various devices, including smart televisions, laptop computers, set-top boxes, Hd players, and smart televisions.

Therefore, to create a player that is accessible to everyone, it must be developed in the correct environment.

Users will be able to cast content from other devices, sync it to all platforms, and quickly access it from any location.

 Offline mode

To give viewers more flexibility, allow offline mode. It’ll enable people to access content on the airplane, when they travel, or are in a place where access to the Internet is limited.

It’s convenient because people don’t have to worry about watching their content even from the farthest place on earth.

Data Usage Settings

To provide viewers with greater flexibility, enable offline mode. It will allow people to access content on airplanes while traveling, and in areas with small Internet connectivity.

It is suitable so that people don’t need to deal with accessing their content even in the most remote location.

Due to the fact that apps today are frequently data-hungry, many users limit their mobile data. People do this in order to avoid spending money on yet another data plan, while others do it to enhance the capabilities of their gadgets.

Undoubtedly, however, data usage settings will allow users to limit and monitor their mobile data.

It’s also a good idea to let people download content so they can watch it when they’re not online.

 Parental control

Do not neglect the fact that many viewers are children. And not all content types are appropriate for a youth population.

This is where parental control is useful. With this feature, parents can restrict children’s access to toxic content and ensure their safety.

Pricing Plans

Not all can even require all of the features. You can make 2 pricing types:

  1. Depending on the duration for which people prefer to subscribe
  2. Depending on how much content a user can consume in a month to prevent overpayment.

Don’t forget to offer a free trial so users can evaluate your platform and select the optimal option.

Regular Updates

To provide a superior user experience, you cannot rest on your laurels. It is essential to keep up with the times and adapt to new circumstances, especially since the competition never sleeps.

Consider your competitors. What do they possess that you lack? Perhaps you can offer your users something that your competitors cannot.

Ask your users for feedback, have them sign up for beta testing, create user-friendly forms, and observe their behavior.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you’re creating a streaming platform for business or pleasure, you must provide your users with the appropriate features in Australia. It will ensure that your service is professional, and user-focused, and demonstrates concern for the customer experience.

Consider utilizing the appropriate VOD software that will assist you in constructing the platform, or hire specialists who will handle everything. In either case, users are demanding these days in Australia, so it is prudent to monitor shifting trends, preferences, and tendencies. Protection Status