Nowadays, not only 1337X proxy sites but other torrent sites have also become an important part of the source of enjoyment. How? In order to better understand this, let’s take a look at the current state of people worldwide.

Everyone needs some form of amusement in order to get through the daily grind. A prominent source of entertainment is watching movies, shows, and series. 

However, due to pandemic situations being prevalent, theatres are still not working to their full efficiency and over that, there are several restrictions, which prevent people from enjoying movies to their fullest.  Therefore, people are uncertain about going to cinemas. As a result, filmmakers are releasing their content on different platforms that are available online.

Furthermore, most of these platforms are paid. People have to purchase their subscription plans in order to stream movies and shows available on the particular platform. But, there is a problem with that too. Different movies and shows are released on different streaming platforms and obviously, everyone cannot buy plans for each of them. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way and this way takes you to 1337X proxy and torrent sites. 

What are movies torrent sites?

The torrent site is a platform where you can search, watch and download movies, shows, and web series, published on different online streaming platforms, for free. 

Torrenting, as you may be aware, is a unique technique to share data from one person to another through the internet. Movie torrent sites provide users with downloadable video files of not just movies but also shows and series that are telecasted on different sources. From here, the user can easily download the file and play it in the media player of the device.

Nowadays, there are several websites available on the internet that have become a popular option for torrenting, one such website is 1337X, which has numerous proxy sites as well, about which we will see a detailed description in the next section.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the torrent sites listed below are just for informational purposes and should not be relied upon. These sites and links are not endorsed by us in any way, shape or form. These sites include copyrighted information, and it is unlawful to distribute them. Sites like these pose a threat to your computer because of the viruses and other malware they contain, and you can only access them by breaching the security of the site. A visit to these sites might result in you being charged with cybercrime, which could land you in bars or with a heavy penalty.

What is 1337X?

1337X is a torrent website where you can get to download free movies, television shows, games, music, and much more. This website allows you to choose from a variety of video downloading quality, as per your internet data availability and storage capacity 

Some additional features of 1337X:

  • Wide range of videos to choose from i.e.; movies, shows, etc.
  • A separate category for anime lovers.
  • Provides you with the list and link to download recently released content.
  • You will also be able to see what is trending at a particular point in time and what is becoming popular and what others are searching and watching.
  • Videos from different genres are available for people having an interest in a particular category.
  • You can write the name of the file they are looking for in the search bar and download it from the search results shown.
  • Movies and shows can be searched and sorted based on their category and release year in the order of new to old and vice versa.
  • By clicking on any link, you will be directed to its download page, where a small description of it will be present along with the download option.
  • The quality of the video to be downloaded can be selected from the provided list.

All 1337x proxy sites also work in the same fashion. Therefore, if you land on an unusual 1337X proxy or mirror site, you can use it as you use the original 1337x website.

Is 1337X Illegal?

The 1337x and its proxy sites use the BitTorrent protocol to share files and due to which only, users are able to download movies, shows, and other media.

All the videos published on this site contain the copyright of their original makers and the platform where they are primarily telecasted. Additionally, the publication of copyright content for public availability, without legal consent from the owner, falls under the breach of law and the publisher is held liable to face legal consequences.

Because of the same reasons, this site keeps on changing its domain name to escape from the eye of the government and other concerned authorities, which leads to the formation of a number of 1337x proxy and mirror sites.

How to Safely Download a movie from 1337X?

Since, 1337X is a torrent site and therefore, contains a lot of torrent media files that are available for download. However, sometimes, these files also contain viruses that can lead to the malfunctioning of your device. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you are advised to use uTorrent, which is a torrent client and aids in the process of downloading torrent files.

Here are the steps that will allow you to safely download movies from 1337X and its proxy websites:

  1. Open the browser and type uTorrent in the search bar.
  2. Download uTorrent from the very first search result.
  3. After the installation of uTorrent, visit the 1337X website. If it is blocked in your location, use a VPN to unblock the site.
  4. Search for the file you want to download and open its downloading page.
  5. There, you will see two links: Torrent Download and Magnet Download.
  6. Click on the Torrent Download button. Several options will further open under it.
  7. Select the Torrent Mirror option from the newly visible ones.
  8. Once the file is downloaded, click on it to open it up. Browse the location, where you want to store it on your device, and click OK.
  9. At last, the file will finally start to download and will be saved at the designated location.

Top 10 1337X Proxy and Mirror Sites

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Just like 1337X, these sites are also illegal to use. Also, if 1337X and its alternatives are banned in your area, you have to install a VPN and use it to access and unblock these 1337x proxy websites. 

However, if you do not want to use these proxy sites, or you do not find the movie or show you are looking for on these websites, then you need not worry, there are numerous alternative sites present on the internet which work similarly to 1337X. 

The list of some of the best 1337x alternative websites is present below.

Top 5 1337X Alternative Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site, serving the whole world since 2003. The website has a commendable amount of movies, audio, videos, games, etc., which are present in 35 different languages, spoken around the planet.

A wide range of genres, easy-to-use features, effortless downloads, and the providence of new content on regular basis, are some of the features which make it the top competitor as well as alternative for 1337X.


RARBG is yet another torrent website that is known for its wide range of collections of media, all around the world. Users can easily browse movies, TV shows, games, and much more. Several categories present on the site make it easier for users to reach their desired video. The website provides you with the list of movies and shows that are recently uploaded on the platform, and also a ‘Top 10’ list, where the videos that are popular among users at a point in time, are present. All these factors together make RARGB the second-best alternative of 1337X.

3. Kickass Torrent

The current website of Kickass Torrent is the revival version, as the original website met its fate and faced closure due to several restrictions imposed by the concerned authorities. However, the successor inherits all the original website’s data, style, and features. 

Approximately, with one million user traffic a day, the website is a perfect torrent site that can supply you with your daily dose of entertainment and thereby can be used in place of 1337X and its proxy sites.

The website conducts a smooth process of providing torrent files and magnet links, facilitating person-to-person sharing of media required by the user.

4. Torrentz

Torrentz is not particularly a torrent website, rather, it is a free, powerful metasearch engine that aggregates results from hundreds and thousands of torrent websites. It’s been serving the world with its unique features for 13 years. 

This platform provides users with the links to torrent files they are looking for. This website cuts your time of searching for a specific movie or another video, which you would probably find by visiting different torrent sites. The search engine supplies users with relevant and genuine links only, by searching the whole internet itself.


Similar to Torrentz, Limetorrent also does not provide users with the torrent files to download, rather it provides users with the links of other torrent sites where you can find the matter you are searching for. 

One very intriguing feature of the site is that it does not allow users to search for physically abusive or adult content, which makes it suitable to use by people of different age groups. 

Along with movies and TV shows, the website also searches torrent links for music, games, apps, anime videos, and much more. Protection Status