Video games are fun, and it is the most addictive thing after social media. So is the phenomenon today. These video games used to be children’s pass time, but it is no longer something that only children play. The gaming consoles you could see in the market are more advanced than personal computers in areas such as graphic cards, RAM, screen quality, etc.

The problem with high-quality complex gaming systems is that malfunctioning and damage are probable. Then, you have to find a video game console repair service nearby. And if you are too careless about the console, you might end up damaging the core parts and will have to replace them. 

There are a few tricks and tips which will help you maintain the gaming console in proper condition. You can take two significant steps to avoid malfunctioning and damage: Proper cleaning/maintenance (Preventive care) and limiting heating issues.

Preventive Care

Keep the console dry.

Never spill water or any kind of liquid on the console, it will damage delicate parts of the system. Spilling liquid on the gaming console can fry the components, and you will have to replace those parts. Dropping water on the system will have the same effect as dropping a smartphone in water.

Don’t drop the console.

The moment the console slips from your hand, you lose a few hundred dollars from your pocket. The gaming consoles might look sturdy and well-built, but the electronic components inside are still delicate. And it is not just the internal components that will break; there’s a high probability of the screen going blank. And replacing the screen is a lot more expensive.

Don’t touch the lens.

The lens of the console is almost irreplaceable and may cost a lot if damaged. The lens is what reads the game discs; touching it will permanently damage it. And breaking the disc means you can never play games using that console.

The lens is one of the parts which costs the most in video game console repair services. Be careful and keep your hands off the lens, and only clean it if there’s an instruction in the product detail brochure (in the mentioned way only).

Keep the system on a hard and flat surface only.

Keep the console where the air vents beneath the system can circulate air properly. Heating is a major issue in gaming consoles, and keeping it in places where the air vents are blocked will cause a lot of damage. There are cases where the laptop burned bedsheets because of overheating. If the console experiences overheating, it will either short circuit or burn nearby items, quickly catching fire.

Limiting Heating Issues

It is not that tough to prevent overheating of the gaming consoles. You need to follow some steps and take care of a few things to avoid this issue.

Keep the gaming console in a spacious area.

The system needs to breathe properly, and if it is confined to any secluded space, it will overheat. It would be best to keep the console on a flat surface such as a desk and ensure no other devices or materials (except gaming components) are near it.

Dust it often

There are two or more cooling fans in every gaming console, and they constantly push out the hot air outside the system and suck in cool air. But, the settlement of dust on crevices and cooling fans could result in overheating. The dust may also block air vents which will increase the heating rapidly.

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