It’s common knowledge that it may be difficult to maintain productivity as you envisioned due to the flexibility affiliated with online classes. There are so many things to distract you at home, and sometimes, you cannot help but give in to those distractions.

Traditional learning, done in classrooms, is the most preferred for some students because it helps them focus. With these tips, you will not only have flexible learning, but you will also be able to massively improve your productivity in your online class, thereby making you excel in your grades.

Tips to Improve Productivity in Online Class

  1. Limit Phone Accessibility

Yes, this tip is essential. When focusing on your lecture, assignment, or reading, you should take your phone or tab away from you as that will help you avoid distractions from a phone buzz or notification, especially if you are really into social media. You could set a time for a break with your phone to help you better concentrate.

  1. Create a Reading Space

If you feel like you may not pay attention during your virtual class because it has many distracting elements like posters, magazines, etc., it is best to create a reading space without those elements. If you have enough space, you could make a reading room. Whatever you stick with, ensure you can concentrate in that space.

  1. Properly Arrange Essentials

Before you begin your virtual class, ensure you set aside your charger, book, pen, calculator, or any other thing you will need, including the things that will help you stay awake. This will significantly minimize distractions and help you ensure that your attention is not divided.

  1. Create a Workable Plan

In many traditional learning systems, the students follow the already created schedule the school prepares for lectures in the classroom, unlike most online learning systems where you get to make your learning schedule.

Many fail to create a workable schedule neglecting that in as much as it is essential to develop a plan, following it is equally as important because that helps you improve your productivity. At the same time, you partake in your virtual class. So, check your schedule and create a plan that works for you.

  1. Be Conscious

As much as your class is virtual, it would help if you still were active while having it. If you would be engaging in a strenuous activity before the lecture, you might need to shift that until after the class to avoid mental fatigue.

  1. Take Notes

You may not see any reason to take notes during your online class because you can access the lecture anytime, unlike the traditional classroom method, but taking notes will help you connect better with the online teaching, which increases productivity.

  1. Use Productivity Apps

There are several productivity apps these days to help you improve your productivity in your online class. Make your research on them and learn how to use them to enhance your productivity better.


No one can blame you for not knowing these tips before now, but now that you are well informed on them, it is without a doubt that your productivity will visibly increase when you adopt all of them. These tips are tested and proven, so you must try your best to make judicious use of them for your benefit. We are rooting for you! Protection Status