Many people are interested in indoor entertainment activities for their family and friends especially when it is raining heavily outside. Event organizers are also looking for indoor venues where they can organize their parties. In the last decade, bowling has become one of the most popular entertainment activities with a large number of bowling alleys being set up in most metro cities including Mumbai. Families, groups, and event organizers are interested in finding out the top bowling zones in Mumbai so that they can book them. Some of the criteria for evaluating the various bowling zones are discussed.


One of the considerations while choosing the bowling zones is the design of the bowling alley. Some of the bowling lanes are using the latest technology with Ultra-violet (UV) lighting and music to improve the ambiance while bowling. They also have the latest scoring systems installed, for those who like to play bowling competitively. It is also advisable to check the mechanism which is used for releasing and collecting the balls. Some of the bowling lanes have a fully automated mechanism while in other bowling lanes, the bowls are collected manually, due to which it will take a longer time to play the game.


It is also advisable to consider the age of the individuals who are playing the game. While bowling is suitable for people of all ages, often children are more interested in playing games. Some locations have bowling lanes that are specially designed for smaller children so that they can get familiar with this activity. The bowls for these bowling lanes are smaller in size, and also lighter in weight. The balls have animated features to attract the attention of the children. Increasingly malls are focusing on bowling lanes for children since their parents are always looking for ways to keep them busy.


Some Considerations While Choosing The Top Bowling Zones

The cost of a bowling session will vary significantly depending on the location. While most people will prefer to use the bowling zone closest to their residence, larger groups and event organizers will also consider the price. Usually, the larger bowling zones are offering a lower price for each session. Since most people have a holiday on weekends, there are more people booking the bowling lanes on weekends, so some of the facilities will charge higher rates on weekends compared to weekdays. Also, people are in the office before 5 pm on weekdays, so to increase the utilization of the bowling lanes, discounts and other deals are offered to those who wish to play a bowling game before 5 pm.

Other considerations

Before selecting a bowling zone, it is advisable to check how many bowling lanes it has. If there are only a few bowling lanes, the customers may have to wait for some time. It is better to choose bowling zones that have seating arrangements for other members of the group. Some bowling zones do not allow customers who have drunk alcohol to bowl, so it is advisable to check the rules of the bowling zone. The bowling zones are usually more crowded on weekends. Some bowling zones are also organizing tournaments that their regular users can participate in. Protection Status