As the popularity of escape rooms grows throughout the world, more and more people are getting interested in trying them out for the first time. Since you’re reading this article, that means you have also experienced the thrill and excitement that escape rooms have to offer. Hence, you are eager to take on the challenge of even more intense ones. But, are you ready though? Do you already have a good strategy at your disposal? If not, don’t worry! We have some proven strategies to help you level up and try to make the top score list.

How to Win Every Time In Escape Room Games Like A Pro

We could spend all day here dishing out a plethora of broad, “insider-edge,” escape room recommendations for tackling the many riddles you might encounter. This is not the best course of action. First, there is a wide variety of room creators, each with their own approach. Therefore, any advice we give could backfire if it doesn’t mesh with your developer’s methodology. It also makes solving an escape room puzzle less exciting and lessens the feeling of accomplishment when you do. Escape room games are one of the most effective corporate team building activities ideas you’ll have. Hence, you’ll need a couple of good strategies while going in!

Enter with a Happy Mood

A bad attitude won’t get you anywhere near the record books. Experts never do that, and you shouldn’t follow that path either. Bring your best attitude inside the escape room and keep that smile both on your face and heart throughout the challenge. Don’t lose your cool if you’re stumped for a minute or two or if you’re languishing without an idea. If you keep an optimistic outlook, you are bound to succeed.

If You Need Assistance, Don’t Be Humble.

There is a rationale for the presence of helpers in escape rooms; they are there to ensure that players are successful. Don’t be shy about asking for help or the next hint if you’re having trouble progressing through the game. You can use it to your advantage and speed up the process. We acknowledge that this goes against the norm of the game, but remember that even the pros need a hand at times (plus, it helps you conquer other games in the future).


Pay close attention to the storyteller/narrator and the game’s instructions.

The setup isn’t just a story; it usually lays out your objectives and may provide hints that come in handy later. In order to escape from some of the best rooms, you had to adopt the perspective of one of the characters and think like them in order to find the solution, such as having to “cheat” at the answer when playing the part of a thief. Ignore everything else and really submerge yourself. So, keep escape room at the top of the list for perth summer things to do this year!

Prepare Yourself

An unspoken rule of escape rooms is that you must rotate the objects you use. You should designate one area for items that have already been used, so that no one is confused about their purpose, and another area for items that have yet to be used, so that players who are stuck know where to look for assistance. This ensures that no one on the team will accidentally leave the room with a crucial hint while the others continue to look for more.

Keep in mind that intelligent, rational individuals, rather than crazies, usually create escape rooms (although a little craziness here and there never hurts). That means the room usually makes sense and follows some kind of logical pattern. Do what the patterns suggest, such as placing like items close to each other in a stack. Red herrings are designed to throw you off, but a seasoned player can “read the room” and tell you what’s important and what isn’t. Protection Status