In Singapore, when it comes to competitive swimming, only a few schools offer the sport as an option. You must weigh the pros and cons when deciding where to send your child. Then it would help to determine what values are most important to you in competitive swimming. For example, many parents want their kids to swim and learn basic strokes, but they don’t want the time commitment to attend classes.

  1. Nexus

Nexus is probably the best competitive swimming in Singapore. It is also the most expensive. But if you’re serious about competitive swimming, your child will probably get into more competition than anywhere else. Of course, some costs extend beyond tuition, especially transportation. The International School offers morning and evening classes, and the sports professor can help you identify summer programs.

Tips on practicing competitive swimming in Singapore

To become a good competitive swimmer in Singapore, you need to train. That is why it is essential to have a coach. The following are some tips on practices that can help your child in competitive swimming.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Don’t expect your child to be an expert swimmer overnight. It takes time and practice to become good at competitive swimming. The coach will help you learn the basics when you first start training. After that, you can practice unless you have an injury.

  1. Develop as a team

Practice swimming together with your teammates. There might be a discussion before each practice session on what the plan of attack will be this week and strategies to get better each week than last. For example, if you have been focusing on laps, you can switch it up to technique and endurance next week. And having more people in the water will make the practice faster and smoother.

  1. Remain positive

Sometimes, you might be frustrated that your child isn’t getting any better. But a coach’s goal should be to help their athletes and not to tear them down. Also, remember that everyone starts somewhere. It would help if you gave them a chance to learn. When they fall, they should be getting up again.

  1. Be a team

Competitive swimming is not a sport you can do alone. It would help if you worked together as a team to get better. So keep encouraging each other and have fun with it.

Schools That Offer Competitive Swimming in Singapore
Portrait of smiling young swimming instructor training his group in the swimming pool
  1. Focus on the moment

Please don’t be so concerned that you’re going to lose and be angry or irritated because of it. When your child is swimming, they are just enjoying the moment and focusing on breathing and strokes.

  1. Take advantage of opportunities

There are many ways to get your child into competitive swimming. For example, if you join the swim team at school, then there will be chances to get into the competition as a part of that. And if there is a local competition you can enter it. It would help if you kept trying new things until you found the best fit for your child.


Competitive swimming in Singapore is a great sport. It can be taught to anyone. For your child to become good at it, you must practice, practice, and more. So when choosing a school, ensure they have an indoor pool because the weather in Singapore is primarily hot and humid. This is also important to ensure your child can practice all year around. Protection Status