Fethiye is one of the most picturesque Turkish resorts. It is located in the southwest of the country on the coast of two seas at once – the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The favorable geographical location and natural beauties make this town attractive to tourists. Here you can enjoy sunny weather and clean air and have fun in park areas and well-equipped sandy beaches, but it is also the best place for buying villas in Fethiye for expats.

Along with the tourism industry, the real estate market in Fethiye is actively progressing. Foreign investors regularly purchase residential properties to be able to come here on vacation or stay to live permanently. Others are willing to invest in business premises. This approach makes it possible to conduct business activities here or rent purchased objects for rent.

Investment in a villa on the sea coast in Fethiye

The city is attractive not only as a place where you may live with the entire family. If moving to Turkey is not included in the plans, then the country may interest you as a real estate investor. Reviewers say that rental housing in Turkey will start to make a profit in 7 years. As for Fethiye, the next characteristics contribute to the return on real estate in the city:

Very close location to Dalaman airport – 40 kilometers. Getting to the city will take at most 40 minutes.

Many attractions are situated near the municipality and not far from it: Lycian graves, sarcophagi, a gallery, a fort, a water park, and many others. It will be possible to get familiarized with everyone in a week, but the images will stay nice.

You may set the average price for accommodation from 700 euros for one week, and you will effortlessly find those who desire to lease it.

The country has a steady financial position.

Buy property in Fethiye

Not only lovers of active sports, such as diving, yachting, and paragliding, seek to buy property in Fethiye, but also buyers with diseases of the respiratory system. The mild dry climate combined with coniferous forests and mountain air is healing and attracts more and more people seeking a healthy lifestyle. Medicine here is at the highest level. Three huge medical complexes provide first-class service to both city residents and vacationers.

Fethiye is a fairly compact city with a well-developed transport infrastructure. Adana International Airport has located 45 km from the city.

The most popular areas for buyers are Calis, with a beach 4 km away, and Oludeniz, famous worldwide for its blue lagoon, and Uzumlu, located in the mountains. Fethiye city center is, also in demand, especially after the complete reconstruction of the central promenade with its two marinas for yachts.

Buying property in Fethiye tends mainly to buyers of villas. Moreover, villas in complexes with swimming pools away from the beach, in quiet mountainous areas. The real estate market, focused mainly on Europeans, has developed in this direction. Luxurious guarded complexes of villas, both in classical and modern styles, prevail over apartment objects.

Assistance in buying property

Real estate in Fethiye is in high demand among buyers:

  • connoisseurs of private and active recreation; 
  • the amazing beauty of nature; 
  • the azure sea;
  • snow-white beaches; 
  • yachting, diving, paragliding. 

Fethiye is not designed for mass tourism, there are only a few party places or endless shopping centers. The resident population is only 80 thousand people, and it triples during the tourist seasons, which are more extended compared to Mediterranean Turkey. Also, it is worth noting that Fethiye attracts real estate buyers with its unique nature and a lot of interesting historical sites and monuments.

Real estate in Fethiye has its own characteristics due to low-density and low-rise buildings, thanks to which a harmonious combination of the urban landscape and the surrounding nature is preserved.

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