Qiuzziz is a fun way to study that also gets you involved. Teachers made it with lots of experience to help kids learn better and faster while having fun. The quiz comprises a set of questions and answers that can be used in school classes, tests, research projects, and other situations. With its wide range of topics, it can be a handy tool for any student in the year 2023 who wants to do well in school. In this article, we’ll talk about Qiuzziz and how it can help you with your studies this year.

What is Qiuzziz?

Qiuzziz is a “gamified student engagement platform” that lets you make, change, and share lessons and quizzes that are fun and interactive. Qiuzziz lets you create your classes, add students, and share game-based quizzes with them, just like Quizalize, Kahoot, Quizlet, and Blooket. You can give quizzes as homework so students can work on them at their own pace, or you can do live quizzes in class. You can see “detailed class-level and student-level insights for every class” as students take quizzes.

How can Qiuzziz be used in the classroom?


You can use Qiuzziz in your classroom in several ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use it as a way to evaluate your progress. Make quizzes and games that test what the students have learned. Use the Reports feature to look at how each student is doing and make plans for individual help. 
  • Reports can also help you figure out where learning problems are happening so you can design work to fix them.
  • Ask other teachers to help you make quizzes and assignments that everyone can use.
  • Use polls to get feedback from students and involve them in making decisions about things that affect their day-to-day learning.
  • Ask students to make quizzes and play them live with the rest of the class.
  • Use quizzes as exit tickets to check how much the students have learned.
  • Use quizzes to review books and to tell stories on the computer.
  • Check what the students already know about the ideas you will teach them.
  • Use Qiuzziz to introduce new ideas in fun, interactive, and exciting ways.
  • Use quizzes to get people to write or talk.
  • Allow students to take quizzes in the digital format they prefer to improve multimodal learning.
  • Ask the students to use Draw to draw pictures that show what they mean.

What are the best things about Qiuzziz?

It’s helpful to take a quiz alone or with the whole class. This lets teachers give each student a quiz that fits their needs or work as a class and get feedback on how the whole group is doing with a single subject. Working in class is good because everyone can see how their classmates are doing. Working alone can also be great for people who like being alone or setting homework tasks.

Qiuzziz has a leaderboard, but teachers can turn it off if they don’t want their students to be so competitive. The same is true for question timers, which may help some students stay on task but may be too much pressure for others. Being able to turn them on and off is a nice touch. The music and meme feedback options can also be changed. If you turn these on, the quiz can feel like a lot of fun and lively. If you turn them off, the quiz can feel more serious.

How to create a Quiz on Qiuzziz?


You can make quizzes on Qiuzziz in two ways: start from scratch or use a quiz from the Qiuzziz library. Here’s how to start from scratch and make a quiz:

  • Log in to your Qiuzziz account.
  • Click “Create” on the left sidebar, then choose “New Quiz.”
  • Type a name for your quiz, choose suitable topics, and click Next.
  • You can write your questions with the Quiz Editor. Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended, draw, slide, and poll formats can be used.
  • Choose the type of question you want to ask and type in your questions.
  • You can add math equations by using Equation Editor. Questions can also have pictures added.
  • If you want to make audio for the questions, click the audio icon.
  • Choose how much time to give each question or the whole quiz.
  • Click on Topics and type in a subject for your quiz. This will let you organise the performance reports of your students by subject.
  • Click Save when you’re done. You can now find your quiz in your library.

How much does Qiuzziz cost?

Qiuzziz is free, but the pricing information is hard to find on the home page, except for work-based options. You can use the free option, but a plan costs $10 per month and $96 per year. This gives you access to the Qiuzziz Super quiz library and lets you make as many quizzes and lessons as possible. There are game themes, answer explanations, interactive videos, and more, and there are no ads.


1. Is Qiuzziz free?

The basic plan and the super plan support Live Quizzes and homework, but the number of students per lesson or assignment differs for each. Basic only let 100 students take part in each lesson or assignment. The Super plan lets you add up to 500 students per lesson or assignment and has many more features.

2. How to set up a Qiuzziz class

  • Log in to your Qiuzziz account
  • Click Classes on the left side of the screen and choose to Create a Class.
  • Put the name of your class in the box.
  • Click on Make a Class.
  • Grab the generated link or code and send it to students.
  • Students go to Qiuzziz.com/join/class, login, and enter the class code.

3. How to create a collection on Qiuzziz

  • Login to your Qiuzziz account
  • Click “More” on the left side of the screen and then “Collections.”
  • Click “Make a collection.”
  • Type a name for your collection and decide if you want it to be private or public.
  • Click on “Make a list.”
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