Do you want to throw a truly memorable birthday party? For that to happen, a lot of planning is required. You also have to step out of your comfort zone – that means not going to a restaurant with a store-bought cake – to go all-out for the big day. 

Whether this is a party for yourself or someone you love, there are a lot of items to add to your checklist. Below, the spotlight has been placed on the key aspects you must cover to ensure the party is a hit. 

Decide on a budget 

Settling on a budget is the first step to planning a birthday party. For it to be memorable, you do have to spend a little more than normal. However, it is essential you don’t go overboard – you shouldn’t be taking out any loans to pay for this bash, for instance. 

To decide on a realistic budget, you will have to price up all the potential costs. The major ones are highlighted in the next points, but there are also lots of little expenses that can quickly add up, so make sure you don’t get caught out. 

Put together the guest list 

How many attendees there are will play a significant role in how much money you’ll spend on the party. If your budget is a little tight, think about inviting a smaller number of people to the celebration. After all, the more people come to the party, the more you naturally have to put towards food, the venue, etc. 

Pick a venue 

A suitable venue will be required for your birthday party. This will need to have enough space for your guests, the necessary facilities for your entertainment and dining, and be easily accessible for those who will be attending. 

If the guest list is kept relatively low and you have a well-sized home, you could save significant cash by not needing to hire a venue. 

Arrange catering

Food is always an important component of any birthday celebration. Rather than pass this task on to a family member or friend, it is highly recommended you enlist outside help in the form of catering. 

Catering companies know what is required to come up with a memorable, scrumptious menu that will be remembered for a long time. Of course, you can provide them with meal ideas as, in most cases, they will be receptive to bespoke orders to match up with your desires. 

Along with the high-quality food – assuming you go with a reputable caterer – this also helps avoid the stress of attempting to do this all internally. 

Ramp up the fun

There are countless directions you can go when it comes to adding entertainment. You could go with a DJ or even push the boat out for a live band. You might go with a fun fair-style party complete with games like apple bobbing and bean bag toss. You may even decide to opt for stand-up comedy or magician act. Protection Status