The world is evolving so fast that now you don’t need to be good at coding to create a quality app or games. Everything is much easier than it seems. Therefore, in this article we will consider in more detail the features of creating games without code.

What are games without code?

Creating a game without code is the development of a product without the need to write code. Instead of writing it, different modern tools and technologies are used. While using the assistant programs, you will only need to configure ready-made components. Typically, these platforms have a graphical interface and you will need little or no coding knowledge.

Usually, the creation of such products is carried out by specialists without work experience, beginners or beginners. For some, it can become a hobby, which later develops into something big. Such tools are a real find for those who want to create a game, but are poorly versed in programming. Creating games without coding can also be attributed to mobile game apps development, only a more overlooked option.

The main advantages of creating a game without code

If you decide to create a game without code, you can reap some benefits. It’s about the following:

  • Speed. If you use special development tools, you can save a lot of time if you write code manually from scratch;
  • Testing new ideas. If you decide to start a serious project, then creating a game without coding is a great way to prototype and test it;
  • Less mistakes. By using off-the-shelf components and tools, you reduce the chances of making mistakes during development;
  • Cost reduction. Implementing a project with the help of tools will cost you many times cheaper than if you decide to turn to specialists for help;
  • Ideal for creating small games.

How to create a game without code?

Everything starts with an idea. First, you need to think about what kind of game you want to create, think about the genre and style, sound effects, and more. You should have a clear understanding of what you want to get in the end.


The next step is to choose a platform. Today there are many of them. Check out their features, reviews, watch video tutorials and decide which one suits you best. It can be Game Salad, GDevelop, GameGuru, Construct, Stencyl, GameMaker Studio, Buildbox and others. Each tool has its own functionality and features. Your task is to become familiar with it.

Move on to creation. At this stage, we move on to the practical part. Your task is to get acquainted with the chosen platform and its functions, understand how to create an application and what built-in tools are present there. To understand all this, you can watch tutorial videos, read articles, ask questions on forums and communities, and so on. Thanks to the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to study.

Finish developing the game and start testing it. Many neglect this stage and very in vain. Thanks to testing, we can identify the errors that are present in the game and fix them in time.

After completing all the above steps, it’s time to publish the game. It can be Steam, Google Play and App Store. Be sure to read the rules of these platforms. For example, in order to publish a game on the App Store, it must be of good quality and meet their requirements.

How to create games without coding knowledge?


Many people think that creating a game without code is a breeze. But this is not always the correct opinion. Creating a game without programming also requires certain knowledge, skills and efforts. In addition to choosing a platform and creating a game concept, you also need to be well versed in the chosen tools and understand what’s what. In addition, some platforms have some restrictions on how to create a game, so sometimes you will need to adapt to them. Protection Status