Do you have young kids that you’d love to get outdoors more regularly? Do you have backyard space that goes under-used and under-appreciated by the whole family? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, it’s time for a backyard project. Creating a safe and fun backyard design for kids doesn’t have to be confusing and the result means everyone will want to be outdoors as much as possible. Here are some great design tips you can use.

How to Create a Safe and Fun Backyard Design for Kids

Backyard Design for Kids

  • Is the Backyard Fenced In?

One of the first projects to tackle will be to fence the backyard if not done so already. This will ensure that the yard stays safe and secure for young kids to play in. As a bonus, it will also provide a sense of privacy so you can design a backyard oasis that will feel like your piece of nature.

Rather than trying to tackle the fence yourself, which can be quite time-consuming and laborious, you can hire professionals. A company such as Fence & Deck Depot, one of the well-known St Louis fence companies, can help you to choose what style and materials are right for your project. Homeowners are quick to choose wooden fencing, but if that’s not your style there are other materials to choose from.

  • Entertainment Features Are a Must

Now it’s time to think about how the yard will be used, and for families with young kids, the yard will likely be used for playing. Adding entertainment features and play structures allows you to make good use of the space and will encourage the kids to get outdoors. Whatever items you choose to include in the design should reflect the personality of your kids and their likes.

Some great entertainment feature ideas can include:

  • Playhouse or treehouse
  • Swing set
  • Sandbox
  • Small, paved basketball court
  • Basketball net
  • Chalkboard walls
  • Climbing wall
  • How About a Water Feature?

You can then take the entertainment features one step further and look to include a water feature into the design. Kids love playing in the water, it’s a fact, and what better way for them to cool off on a hot summer day? Just be prepared that you’ll become the “hangout house” for them and all their friends if you add a water feature.

Water features can be small and simple like a fun sprinkler, a slip, and slide, or a customized splash pad, or you can go big and install above ground or in-ground pool. It will come down to budget and the size of the yard.

  • Give Them a Shaded Area

While adults may love sitting in the sun and enjoying the rays, kids don’t always feel the same. For this reason, be sure to provide shaded areas for seating so they can be outdoors without feeling uncomfortable.

These tips will ensure that you’re able to create the ideal backyard design that not only captures the attention of your kids but also gets them outdoors, without you having to say a word. Protection Status