In the worlds of technology and web development, Python is a popular issue. Which major corporations create websites using Python? 

What exactly is Python?

On Github, Python is the second-most used programming language, which, as we’ll see, is not always a negative thing.

Python was developed in 1991 by a young Dutch programmer named Guido van Rossum. He set out to develop a flexible programming language that could be used in many paradigms of programming. Additionally, this would highlight code readability. Back then, the majority of coding languages were quite abstract. Python allowed programmers to more easily and with fewer lines of code describe their programming concepts. This was ground-breaking. Python’s popularity swiftly increased even though it was initially designed to be used for simple script authoring.

Python is used in a wide range of industries, including web development, deep learning, special effects, and data analytics. The most current version of Python, 3.0, shows how far the language has come.

How is the web application developed using Python?

A python is a popular option for web development because of its fundamental features. Python is free and open-source. Even more crucially, it is very adaptive.

Both object-oriented (OOP) and functional programming are compatible with it. The distinctions are explained in our OOP guide.

Dynamic typing is another feature. This implies that Python programs may be run directly without the need for compilation or translation. They are carried out during runtime. This is excellent for web development since it necessitates less code and facilitates debugging. We were able to go on, and we did. We wrote a beginner’s tutorial for Python that emphasizes its advantages.

Recall how we said Python is ranked second among programming languages on Github? The first choice is JavaScript. These two languages are quite well-known. Python and JavaScript are often mixed. Web developers produce the frontend layer or presentation using JavaScript, and server-side layers using Python (or backend). You can see how JavaScript frontend programming works in this video.

The free web frameworks offered on PyPI make backend development with Python considerably simpler. Django and Flask are two popular web frameworks. They eliminate a lot of the backend programming labor. Once you master Python’s straightforward syntax, these libraries are widely regarded as being secure, scalable, and simple to use.

You may be thinking that this is a bit too abstract right now. What does Python look like in use for web development now that we have a firm understanding of its fundamentals? Next, we’ll examine several well-known Python websites to learn how this language functions.

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Web development using Python examples

We are often asked why Python is so well-liked. Yes, it is, and that is the solution. Whether you are aware of it or not, you utilize it often. To create their tech stack, many of our favorite websites and applications—from checking out the newest Netflix series to monitoring your Instagram DMs—use Python. A python is a crucial tool in your programming toolbox. Now let’s have a look at Python websites that demonstrate the adaptability and flexibility of this language.

  • Netflix

Netflix used to be a DVD rental service that sent rentals by mail. They quickly adopted the digital revolution, however, and now rank among the most popular streaming services worldwide. The success of Netflix as a web development company is built on Python. The Netflix development team acknowledges that Python is a key factor in their success. 

  • Reddit

The most well-known platform for breaking news and modern social commentary is Reddit. Did you know that Python is used to write server-side code? Reddit’s web server utilizes Python to translate all requests submitted through its browser, even though you can’t see them. The needed HTML is subsequently returned by the web server, which your browser displays. The mediator between the server request and the HTML that shows up on your screen is Python in this case. 

  • Spotify

You may recall the time-consuming process of transferring CDs onto your computer’s DVD drive (or whatever device it was). Music listening is so much easier thanks to Spotify. Additionally, Spotify’s online backbone, which has several related services, makes extensive use of Python. Its own data analytics program is called Luigi. It powers Spotify’s Radio and Discover features and also makes follower suggestions. 


Thus, we have covered the Python programming-based real-world applications here. Python is without a doubt the most practical language for creating web applications. Protection Status