In case you are thinking of getting PMP certification, then the process of PMP certification will tell you exactly what you should do to turn out to be a PMP. If you look forward to knowing what inputs, overall tools, and methods you require to get your desired PMP certification, you should master the procedure of certification of PMP. It tells you the sequences of actions that you should take to become a PMP. Hence, here you get a quick idea about the certification process for PMP.


Eligibility criteria  


For this certification course, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria precisely. Here are quick points:


– You must hold forty-five hundred hours of project management experience or even a relevant bachelor’s degree of four years. Otherwise, you can have an academic of sixteen years to be eligible.

– If you don’t have a four-year bachelor’s degree, but you have experience in project leading and management with any secondary or higher secondary degree, then you do meet the PMP certification requirements.

– You must also have training that includes thirty-five hours of project management education.


Apply for the PMP exam 

You can sign up to the PMI website and fill out the application form on the web as part of the PMP certification expedition. You must enter your contact info, educational qualifications, and experience there. Once you put your experience, do it as per the five process groups, i.e., Initiating, planning, executing, then monitoring, and finally controlling and closing. In the end, mention the 35 hours of PMP certification course you took.


Review of your application 

After submission of the application online, you get an intimation about fee payment. Once your application gets picked for an audit, you get a downloading link to get the audit package. Once your application is taken for audit, finish the formalities in ninety days of getting the audit link. After this, PMI will take nearly five to seven days to process the data.


PMP exam charges

You can choose to pay the exam fee through a credit card. The exam fee is $405 (with PMI membership) and $555 (without PMI membership). You can choose as per your choice. The point is whatever fee you have to pay, you will get to know there. Hence, the PMP certification process leads you on when you should do what.


Schedule the exam

Once receiving the confirmation of the fee payment, you can schedule your exam. It mainly relies on the preparation that you have done so far in terms of the overall study. So, schedule your exam date on the basis of the score you received in the practice tests.

PMP certification procedure helps you in understanding checkpoints to concentrate on. One such point is to find out if you are within the time frame of one year from the time you receive your eligibility ID before scheduling your exam. You can even get more knowledge about PMP once you read through the PMI blog



To sum up, you can start preparing for your PMP now since you have an idea about the process and everything. In the mean while, before going for this certification, check out the advantages of online learning and giving exam in online mode. Once you learn it well, you can perform it well. Protection Status