The holiday season has arrived! All stores and attractions, including The Escape Effect, are now adorned with festive music and shimmering decorations. Christmas is the perfect occasion to spend time with family. Everyone seeks the enjoyment of being in the community. Choose our group-playable Escape Rooms games to improve family and intergenerational ties.

We suggest enhancing your Christmas escape room experience to commemorate the holiday. Check our recommendations and see if your group wishes to try them on your next escape room adventure.

Why Choose Escape Rooms?

In the same way that individuals take a walk in the park, watch a movie, or spend an evening with friends to break up their daily routine, escape rooms provide an extraordinary kind of recreation and a challenge that other forms of entertainment would not. Escape rooms need you to think, solve problems, and think creatively. You are motivated to achieve objectives and conquer challenging obstacles. Not only is this a delightful game to play with your loved ones, but it is also a great way to challenge yourself.

One of the primary advantages of escape rooms is that they have problems that must be solved. And, as you may have guessed, this is an excellent cognitive workout. Studies indicate that classical puzzles boost cognitive abilities by requiring you to broaden your thoughts to face life’s obstacles. And since escape rooms aim to solve riddles to escape from scenarios, you can expect this to be an excellent brain workout. Want to do something exciting? Try out Melbourne escape room this year!

Ways To Have Fun In Escape Room This Christmas

Holiday Pajama Party

Come to the escape room wearing your most comfortable holiday attire. It’s a great way to stand out in whatever environment you may be in. You can sit by Sherlock’s fireside while solving a murder mystery or escaping a dungeon while clothed as though you just woke up. Take it easy while you confront the obstacles. Celebrate your success with some hot cocoa once you beat the clock. You will not need to change your clothes when you return home. You will be prepared to unwind for the remainder of the evening.

Holiday sweater get-together

Both fashionable and intentionally tacky Christmas sweaters have long been a festive favourite. December is here, so it’s time to get them out! Have your crew don their most daring sweaters for a Christmas-themed escape room. With their adorable knit designs, small bells, and fluffy pom-poms, you are sure to enliven the game. The cosy sweaters will keep you warm and brighten the environment, whether in the depths of a gloomy dungeon or on the treacherous slopes of Mount Olympus.

Christmas attire

Take your holiday attire to the next level by donning Christmas costumes! Bring Santa and his elves via Sherlock’s fireplace, or accompany them on a ghost-hunting expedition within a haunted theatre. Stay in character, and snowmen solving a murder or elves challenging the Greek gods can make for a terrific story. It’s an opportunity to perform amusing Christmas-themed escape room sequences in odd locations. Allow your imagination to go amok! Your family will undoubtedly enjoy imagining new scenarios while you play.

Only Christmas Songs

Give Christmas Songs Only a shot if you’re searching for a unique challenge. In the vein of a popular game from Whose Line Is It Anyway, Song Titles, you can play a game in which everyone only speaks in Christmas songs. Accessible mode allows both song titles and lyrics, whereas the more challenging option only allows song titles. Numerous songs are available, ranging from classics to contemporary tunes so it will be an exciting challenge. Examine your team’s knowledge of seasonal music while playing an escape room game. Are you able to complete an entire game?


The holidays are an excellent opportunity to bring the family together. Why not spend the day in an escape room? Everyone can don their favourite holiday attire and work on unique puzzles. The Escape Effect is open during the holiday season, and we provide discounts for large groups. Protection Status