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Discover the Benefits of Just Clowning Around

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Definition of Clowns

Welcome to Just Clowning Around! We are the premier provider of clown entertainment services in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you’re looking for a colourful and fun birthday party, corporate event, or another special occasion, we have just what you need to make your next event one that will be remembered for years to come.

Just Clowning Around an experienced team of clowns can provide everything from face painting and balloon twisting to silly jokes and magic tricks – all with a unique twist. So don’t wait any longer – let’s get this party started!


Types of Clowns 

Clowns have been a part of the circus for centuries and they come in many different forms. There are two main types of clowns, Traditional Circus Clowns and Whiteface Clowns and Auguste Clowns, each with their own distinct style of performance. 

Traditional Circus Clowns are the most recognizable type of clown. They wear colourful costumes with exaggerated features like big shoes, funny hats and bright makeup. They usually perform physical comedy routines that involve slapstick humour, pratfalls, juggling or other tricks. They often tell jokes or do silly dances to entertain their audience. This type of clown is typically seen in circuses or at carnivals around the world. 

Whiteface Clowns and Auguste Clowns are more sophisticated than Traditional Circus Clowns; they wear white face paint instead of colourful costumes to create a more subtle approach to comedy. Whiteface clown performances often involve punning or wordplay as well as gentle physical comedy like mime acts or pantomime skits that don’t rely on props or gags for laughs. Auguste Clowns also use white face paint but they tend to be a bit goofier than Whiteface Clowns; they may perform comical stunts such as pie fights and squirting water.

Gaining Popularity in Modern Times   

In the modern era, gaining popularity has become increasingly difficult. However, there are several methods for rising stars to gain fame and recognition. One of the most popular ways is through television appearances and movies.

Television provides an opportunity to reach a wide audience of viewers with a personal message or story. Whether it’s appearing as a guest on late-night shows, reality television or hosting your own show, creators can use their platform to showcase their talents and gain national recognition. 

Movies are another great way for actors or actresses to make themselves known in Hollywood circles. Appearing in feature films gives performers the chance to get noticed by casting directors and producers who may be looking for new talent for upcoming projects. By appearing on the big screen, actors can also increase their social media followers as well as boost their fan base which will help them further build upon their popularity in modern times. 

Other useful methods include appearing at festivals such as music festivals where artists can get exposure from a variety of people who may not have heard of them before; creating content on YouTube which will help grow an audience; participating in podcasts; attending conventions such as Comic Con; and collaborating with other popular creators on projects that could benefit both parties involved (e.g.,)

The Skills Needed to be a Good Clown

Being a clown is much more than just putting on a costume and prancing around. It takes skill, dedication, and knowledge of the craft to be a good clown. Here are some of the skills needed to become an exceptional clown.

  1. Acting: Being able to bring your character to life is essential for any type of performer, especially for clowns that rely heavily on physical humour and improvisation. By knowing how to use facial expressions, voice inflexions, and body language you can create believable characters that will engage audiences with their antics.

2. Juggling: Juggling is one of the most popular skills associated with clowns. Not only does it provide entertainment value but it can also be used as part of your overall performance as well! Even if you’re not particularly great at juggling there are still plenty of ways you can incorporate this skill into your routine such as involving audience members or using props like bowling pins or balls in addition to traditional juggling items like clubs or rings. 

3. Unicycling: Riding a unicycle is another key skill for any good clown! With practice and patience, you can learn how to ride while balancing objects on your head or even while performing other stunts such as riding backwards or blindfolded.


The Benefits of Being a Professional Clown

If you are looking for a job that is full of fun and laughter, then becoming a professional clown might be the perfect career choice for you. Not only will it provide hours of entertainment to children and adults alike, but there is also plenty of potential to make money as a professional clown. Here, we explore the benefits of being a clown.

Firstly, you can put your creativity to good use as an entertainer when working as a professional clown. Clowns are known for their wild costumes and outlandish makeup choices – giving artistic types the chance to express themselves in unique ways while performing on stage or at parties. Clowning also offers an opportunity to develop your acting skills, providing an outlet for performers who want to hone their talent in front of an audience.

Being a professional clown can also be financially rewarding too; many performers earn up to $75 per hour entertaining at birthday parties or corporate events – not bad for just putting on some silly makeup and making people laugh! Additionally, if you’re willing to travel around with your show or act in movies or television shows, then there are even more potential income opportunities available. It’s no wonder that so many aspiring actors decide that being a clown is their best bet!


Just Clowning Around was a fun and entertaining event that showed the importance of laughter and creativity. It brought together people from all walks of life and showcased the immense talent of clowns around the world. The show was a great success, as everyone who attended had a wonderful time laughing, clapping, and cheering throughout each performance. It was an enjoyable evening filled with joyous moments that will be remembered for years to come.


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