London remains a city of many wonders. Thanks to the never-ending availability of new adventures to discover, you can never fully explore this wonderful city in a single trip. From the London Eye to the London Aquarium, there are many exciting spots where adults and children alike can have a great time. This article’s top five London attractions are popular spots that allow you to soak up some culture and enjoy great food with a dash of pure unadulterated fun.

5 Top Places To Visit In London

  • The London Transport Museum

Museums are meant to tell a story of the culture and society of the past. The London Transport Museum is a place that captures this concept beautifully. This museum hosts countless exhibitions that connect the history of transportation with London’s cultural and social history. You’ll find over 80 different vehicles within this museum, representing 200 years of London’s existence. Some popular vehicles include the Routemaster bus and the underground steam train.

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  • The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern museum sits majestically on the banks of the River Thames. It’s known as one of the city’s best museums for contemporary and modern art. Before being utilized as a museum, the building hosted a power station, hence its unique shape and form. Besides beautiful exhibits, the Tate Modern has restaurants that offer wonderful views across the city.

  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter franchise? Chances are you’ll love the Warner Bro. Studio Tour Londoncity, the making of Harry Potter. On this tour, you’re given a first-hand glance into the sets, props, and costumes used in all Harry Potter movies and access to some of the film’s greatest locations. Imagine getting to peek into Dumbledore’s office or the Great Hall, where the sorting hat was!

  • Southbank Center

The Southbank Centre is located by the River Thames. No doubt, this is one location many visitors flock for access to views of the capital—from the ever famous London Eye to the St Paul’s Cathedral. Several exhibitions are held in this center, often displaying unique metropolitan arts fused with London’s history. The Southbank center includes Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, and the Hayward Gallery, making it an ideal creative space for all tourists and fellow creatives.

  • The London Eye

For the most unforgettable views of Londoncity, climb aboard one of the 32 glass capsules of the London Eye. A single trip gives you an amazing 360 view of the city, showing you all of London’s famous landmarks at great angles. There’s something for everyone, be it an adventure, fun, food, or art.

All in all, London is an eclectic city that caters to every kind of tourist, so rest assured, you’ll never have a dull moment when you visit. Protection Status