Tool bag and cases have always had a place on the construction site or the tradesman’s place of work. This essential item keeps your tools accessible, free from damage and easy to carry between jobs. 

Tool boxes have become more complex and elaborate as modern materials have been invented and refined. The old wooden tool box, simply designed as nothing more than a box with a handle, has long been replaced by toughened plastic and fabric bags that offer a secure lid, compartments, and even wheels. 

Damage control for your tools 

Power tools, chrome coated spanners and saws are well protected inside one of the larger tool bags available such as the RS PRO Polyester Tool Bag. Keeping your power tools away from extreme weather, water, and damp will ensure they last longer and work reliably when they are needed. Saws will retain their sharp edges when stored correctly in a tool bag and your spanners will keep their coating. 

Keep small tools secure

Many tool bags offer internal compartments for screwdrivers, spanners and more. This allows you to reach for the right tool whenever you need it as well as preventing loss or misplaced tools as you shove them all into the bottom of a case.  The GT Line Fabric Wheeled Bag backpack provides individual pockets for a set of electrician’s pliers and screwdrivers and is the ideal bag for the travelling tradie. 

Room for all your tools 

Tool bags are designed to be light to carry, robust and useful. Bags such as the Stanley Fabric Hard Bottom Bag have outer pockets both flapped or open for a range of tools, radio or mobile phone, torches, eye protection or gloves on both sides of the bag. Inside elasticized straps hold screwdrivers or pliers secure with plenty of room in the internal compartment for power cables, drill bit cases or larger tools. 


Modern tool bags are built to be carried; constructed out of lightweight, yet long-lasting fabrics and plastics. Most bags come with top handles and a padded shoulder strap secured by strong metal fasteners, allowing the bag to be easily transported around any site, on platforms or in remote and harsh environments. A large range of tool bags also come with wheels and a telescope handle to conveniently move heavy tools from van to site, around the construction area or factory floor. 


All tool bags are securely fastened with sturdy double zips, keeping your tools intact and protected from the weather. Water resistant tool bags such as the RS PRO Polyester Backpack offer protection from extreme weather conditions including heat, with some tool cases available fully waterproof. The interior and sides are padded with hard bottom bags keeping your tools sharp and ready to use at all times.

The tool bag is designed specifically to make the life of tradesman, builder or craftsperson easier, allowing robust, secure and easy transport of all the tools you need to do your job. To find the best tool bag for your needs visit  RS Online  today! Protection Status