In the modern world, it is considered that a car is a rather expensive pleasure that most ordinary students cannot afford. Let’s figure out if this is the case.

A car for a student — is it needed?

Whether a student needs a car or not is a moot point. Someone will say yes, its presence saves time (relevant for cities where there is no metro), someone will answer negatively because it is much faster to get by public transport than by own car (typical for the big cities). Regardless of the fact a student has a car or not, any student will benefit from using cheap coursework writing service to improve academic performance. Qualified professionals will help with any type of writing assignment.

Let’s try to evaluate all the pros and cons of such an acquisition.

All the pros and cons of the car acquisition

The pros of the purchase are the following factors:

  • It is much more convenient and more comfortable to travel by car than by public transport, especially during peak hours.
  • A student who has his car is not afraid of cold, rain, and other “charms” of the weather.
  • While driving your car, you can always offer the girl you like a ride home.

And here are the cons:

  • A car is an expensive pleasure. Not every student has such a sum. You can, of course, diligently save, denying yourself everything else. But is it worth it?!
  • Do not forget that a car is always an additional expense. Firstly, for gasoline and a car wash. 
  • Secondly, on consumables. A year can run up quite a decent amount.
  • In any case, whether a car is needed or not, everyone decides for himself.

How to choose a car for a student?

Since in this article we focus on average students from ordinary families, the criteria for choosing a car for a student will be as follows:

Affordable price. 

Inexpensive repairs and consumables are available for order. 

Second-hand cars. It is highly discouraged for an inexperienced driver to buy a car from the salon. As statistics show, novice drivers are more likely than others to get into minor accidents, and their cars need body repairs now and then. 

The main criteria that you should pay attention to

It is recommended to choose a car in a pair with an experienced person, preferably a specialist who will be able to figure out, indeed, it is not broken and not painted, or these are just the words of a cunning seller.

When choosing a car, it is important to consider the following:

The year of manufacture of the car. This is not the most important selection criterion, but it matters, especially when it comes to domestic brands. The older the car, the worse its condition. Of course, you can find an exception to the rule, but you will have to search for a long time.

The condition of its body. And this is the point that you need to pay attention to. There are brands with high-quality galvanized bodywork that can last for decades. But most budget cars do not have this feature.

The operation of the engine and gearbox. This is especially true of foreign brands. Replacing the engine or gearbox on a foreign brand car will cost a pretty penny. Therefore, when buying, be sure to ask to drive in a car, listen to how the engine starts and works, how and with what sound the gears are switched. 

Availability of auto parts of this brand on the market. It is assumed both the availability of parts and their price.

Reviews of motorists. Before buying a car, choose for yourself 3-5 options that are suitable for the price, and be sure to read the reviews of car owners. You can do this on resources such as drive or from. Here you will learn a lot of useful information and almost certainly decide on a choice.

Top 10 inexpensive cars for a student

Our top 10 inexpensive cars for students looks like this:

Russian Lada cars of the old line: “nine”, “ten”, VAZ-2115, etc. The cost of such a car, depending on its condition and the region of sale.

Lada cars of the new series: Granta, Priora. They look modern and inexpensive to maintain. The cost of such cars on Avito starts from $1600.

Niva Chevrolet. A great option for those who like to get out into nature with a small group of friends. The Russian SUV will pass almost everywhere. And its price – from $1600 will be affordable for a student.

Daewoo Matiz. Compact, inexpensive, not old. These qualities are quite enough to become a student’s car. However, the car has received the status of a car for women. The student guys are unlikely to consider it seriously. But for girls – this is the very option! The cost of a car on Avito starts from $1500.

Volkswagen Golf. Reliable brand, good working machines. Golf, released from the factory in the noughties, costs from 1500 dollars.

Nissan Almera. The car looks good, reliable, and affordable. The cost of cars produced in 2000 

starts from 1000 dollars. Quite a decent option can be found for 1300 dollars.

Honda Civic. An option for those who visually like racing cars. The budget option is unlikely to give you a reason to chase (there will be few “horses” in it), but the car looks decent. And the girls like it! Online, the starting price for cars 2000-2002 starts from 1300 dollars.

Ford Fiesta. A reliable car, time-tested. The price for copies of the 2004-2005 issue starts from 1600 dollars.

Peugeot 307. The French brand has its advantages: a spacious interior, good sound insulation, and excellent suspension. And the price for cars 2000-2005 starts from 1300 dollars.

BMW 3 series. Cars released from the assembly line in the noughties are sold online for 2000 dollars. For 2000 you can find a really good option. The car is not cheap to maintain. But it traditionally attracts the eyes of young people of both sexes.

You don’t just have to dream about a car! Most students manage to successfully combine their studies with work and earn money for necessary things. However, it is important to find a middle ground here, so as not to crash into the academy. Professionals of the educational service — forum can support you all the way. Help can always help you with your studies. Protection Status