There’s a lot to like about Skip Bayless Twitter, but what’s not so nice about his tweets? For example, his scathing take on LeBron James, his comparison of Kobe Bryant to Johnny Manziel, and his criticism of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott are all just a few of the examples of what makes him so great. The list goes on, but we’ll stick to some of the most controversial ones.

Skip Bayless’s scathing take on LeBron James

A critical analysis of Skip Bayless Twitter scathing review of LeBron James reveals the true nature of the four-time NBA champion. Despite being passionate about sports, Bayless’s intensity is so strong that he’d happily quit his lucrative job at a moment’s notice. While his seriousness can be depressing for many, it can also be entertaining for some.

The scathing take on LeBron has become a staple of Bayless’s work, but there’s no denying that the satirical writer has a taste for trash talk. The latest example of Skip Bayless Twitter lewd criticism of James came last week, when the ejection of the superstar was the focus of a Twitter conversation. The Miami Heat star was ejected after using foul language, and Bayless was quick to take the opportunity to bash him on Twitter.

Aside from his scathing take on the NBA’s superstar,  Skip Bayless Twitter is also a columnist and TV personality who has a flair for clickbait. His article was titled: “Is Rose Cheating on Him? Or Jill?” The title alone was enough to grab the attention of the audience. While it didn’t actually mention a cheating girlfriend, Bayless made the headline so compelling that many people clicked on it.

A few years ago, Shaq’s remarks were a perfect example of a scornful take on LeBron James. But the former Boston Celtics center was a monster in the NBA. He terrorized opponents for a decade, winning four NBA titles. And he continues to do it at an even more impressive pace. The Boston Celtics, meanwhile, signed Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in an effort to turn around the franchise. LeBron’s unrivaled scoring ability and dominance of the Eastern Conference is an example of a ruthless competitor.

His comparison of Kobe Bryant to Johnny Manziel

ESPN has had a lot of problems lately with its decision to bring on Skip Bayless to debate on its “First Take” debate show. The decision was made with the hopes of stirring up some controversy. And since Bayless isn’t held to the same journalistic standards as Bill Simmons, ESPN hardly has a choice but to go along with his decision. It’s time ESPN took a step back and analyzed the situation before allowing Skip Bayless to continue his inflammatory commentary.

It’s outrageous that the ESPN commentator felt it was necessary to compare Kobe Bryant and Johnny Manziel in order to make a point. But this is not an unusual take from a reporter. If you had told him that Manziel was better than Kobe Bryant, he would have gotten an immediate suspension from his job. That’s because ESPN has no journalistic standards or accountability. It’s also shocking that Bayless failed to consult with Browns sources, team doctors, or anyone else about Manziel’s lifestyle. Further, he didn’t even get in touch with Johnny Manziel to get his point of view.

Many in the sports world are trying to help Manziel, especially former Dallas Cowboys coach Jerry Jones, who is the Dr. Phil of the NFL. Yet, Manziel doesn’t appear to want help, and there are few potential mentors who will acknowledge the criminality of Manziel’s actions. In short, the sports world isn’t doing much to help Manziel.

The Cleveland Browns cut Manziel 22 months after the draft, a testament to his substance abuse problems. The Cleveland Browns also reportedly begged Johnny to enter rehab. Then, when the season ended, the media started to make public the alleged physical assault. But after a year of denials, Manziel eventually retracted the allegation and was not even charged with a crime. Ultimately, the Browns and NBA deemed Johnny Manziel an unsafe player.

His criticism of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

After a disappointing performance in the Wildcard round against the 49ers, Drew Pearson called Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott out for his comments. The 49ers’ star quarterback threw an interceptions during the fourth quarter, but the fans expected more. As a fourth-round draft pick in 2016, Prescott has been a popular figure with Cowboys fans, who expect championships and top-tier performances. Dak Prescott has become one of the most respected players in the league, earning a salary far higher than most people would spend in a lifetime. However, the scathing comments of the former Cowboys quarterback have left many in Cowboys Nation wondering if Dak Prescott can really compete at the next level.

In a postgame interview, Prescott appeared to sign off on fans throwing objects at referees. He was quoted saying, “Oh well, credit to them, I guess.” And Prescott doubled down on his comments, telling reporters, “I think I was wrong to defend the players.”

Although his comments were harsh and unfounded, his response was more appropriate. Prescott was not applauding the Cowboys fans for throwing trash at NFL officials, and he was caught up in his own emotions. In fact, he probably will apologize for the behavior, and it was likely an error of judgment on his part. Nonetheless, the comment should not be viewed as a personal attack on Prescott.

After the NFC Wild Card Round loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Jerry Jones slapped quarterback Dak Prescott with a $25,000 fine. Prescott had been performing at an elite level until he hurt his calf during an overtime touchdown pass against the Patriots. The following is his analysis of Prescott’s performance:

His scathing take on Kevin Durant

In an effort to make a point, Skip Bayless Twitter took a shot at Kevin Durant’s recent “I really don’t like u” tweet. Having spent most of his career professing his love for the superstar, Bayless reacted in kind to the tweet, saying: “You’re acting like Michael Jordan. He creates imaginary conflicts in his head.”

It’s not uncommon for sports opinionators to respond to the adulation or criticism of star athletes. Bayless, a longtime admirer of Durant, didn’t react to the acknowledgement on Wednesday, but did respond on Thursday. He praised Durant’s on-court prowess, but attacked him for his use of social media and burner accounts. While Bayless has previously praised Durant, his recent response is a testament to the toxicity of the NBA’s social media culture.

Amidst the outrage, Bayless took a shot at Kevin Durant’s legacy in a tweet, which went viral. He even compared AI to Allen Iverson, another famous star who wrote a huge GQ article and was admired by the “establishment” due to his color. Regardless of his stance, Bayless’ scathing take on Kevin Durant is a testament to his disdain for a player who plays with the mindset of an elite athlete.

Whether you like it or not, Skip Bayless Twitter take on Kevin Durant is well worth reading. The quadruple MVP of the NBA has a reputation for getting his way with the media, and he clearly hasn’t held back in attacking the media. It’s hard to deny that the media have a strong influence over him. And the media can’t help but respond. Protection Status