The secret to a successful and effective team remains to work together positively. Building teams can be a bit of a daunting task where people come from different regions, speak different languages, and have different lifestyles. Corporate team-building activities can improve the environment and therefore help in effective business.

Airband Battle

To play this game, you require an MP3 player, smartphone, and speaker. Each group should contain 3-4 people. Among them, one can be a guitarist, one can be a singer, and one can be a drummer. They will get some amount of time to select the song and rehearse the lip-synced version of the song. If you get some more time, like a few days, dress and props can also be arranged for the teams. Another department in your office can play the role of the judge and can declare the winning team. This activity helps in creating team bonding.

Tower Of Marshmallow Spaghetti

To perform this activity, you will require 1 roll of tape for masking, 1 yard of string, uncooked spaghetti of around 20 sticks, and 1 marshmallow for every team. The challenge is using only 3 supplies – which team can build the tallest tower? The marshmallow needs to remain at the very top of each marshmallow tower. The trick is that the build should remain steady for at least 5 seconds. This activity helps in collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Shrinking Vessel

A blanket, rope, and tape are required for performing this activity. Arrange a floor space where you can have the entire team. Start shrinking the space, where the employees need to think fast to accommodate the shrunk space. Thus creative problem-solving skills can be developed when you play this game. These corporate team-building activities can therefore brush up the problem-solving skills with a very limited amount of supplies.

Toxic Waste

For this game, you require one small and one big bucket. 8 bungee cords, 1 bungee cord loop, 8 tennis balls or plastic balls, and one rope. With the help of the rope, an 8-foot circle can be made on the ground representing the toxic zone. The balls are to be kept in the small bucket in the center of the circle, which shows toxic waste. The big bucket is to be kept 30 feet away. The teams will use the bungee cords to transfer the balls to the big bucket. Any person who crosses the toxic zone can be injured. It means you can tie one hand or can blindfold one eye. If the balls fall midway, the person gets injured, and if all the balls get spilt, everyone on the team dies. This game is a great collaboration exercise that also provides problem-solving skills.


Corporate team-building activities can help in creating problem-solving skills. If the games can be played properly, strong team bonding is bound to happen between the participants. The business can also succeed with a positive and collaborative environment within the team. Protection Status