Like bicycles, electric skateboards come in several types. And each type has its particular characteristics. Thanks to the Internet, accessing various types of skateboards is much easier than before. For your info, Voeep provides various choices. Here are the existing types of electric skateboards:

The longboard

It is the most used model among electric skateboards. It is designed with a long board, which earned it the name “longboard”. It measures at least 38 inches and allows you to enjoy comfort and ease of use. Longboards are the electric skateboard models that you must use if you are a beginner. Their large contact surface gives you the possibility of settling on the board without difficulty. However, longboards can also be used by an experienced skateboarder who wants to do speed or long distances. For your information, know that they are devoid of “tails”, this raised edge typical of skateboarding which allows you to perform tricks and quick U-turns. Recently manufactured longboards have an integrated handle. 

The cruiser

This is an intermediate format. It is a little smaller than the longboard, but has the same width and the same wheels as this one. Do you want to go up or down sidewalks, perform quick maneuvers? This model is what you need. Very practical, it can be transported without great difficulty. However, you will not benefit from excellent comfort for your travels, unlike the longboard. It is recommended for fairly short urban journeys (less than five kilometres).

The classic skateboard (and its dwarf version the Penny board)

This model rarely exists in an electric version. Why ? This is due to its short length, concave deck and small wheels. These characteristics do not allow, in fact, to make long journeys. If you have ever used this type of model, you will certainly understand what we are talking about. The only advantage that we can concede to him is related to his transport. You transport it easily, and that without the deck rubbing against the ground. Plus, it’s less bulky. A completely normal thing in view of its smallness.

The benefits of using an electric skateboard

There are many advantages associated with choosing an electric skateboard. It is a device that can be used by everyone. You don’t need to be a seasoned skater before buying it. You would surely have known it, the greatest advantage of this device is related to the fact that it moves forward on its own. To move, you will no longer use your feet to push as is the case with traditional skates. Thanks to the engine with which it is equipped, you can go to the service, to the supermarket without difficulty. You will even be able to move on difficult tracks like slopes and cover long journeys without much effort. But that’s not all ! There are also :

– Maneuverability: The electric skateboard is a very practical and unique machine of its kind. Compared to an electric bike or a segway, it is light and less bulky. You can put it in your bag and carry it without being noticed. But we must not neglect its weight which can go up to 10 kg. You will have to take this small detail into account if you ever plan to transport it;

– Performance: certainly, an electric skateboard is more or less light, but it has a very powerful motor. Its speed can go up to 35 km/h however, do not exaggerate for your safety. Respect the safety regulations of the cities by driving at a maximum of 25 km/h;

– Support: An electric skateboard gives you the flexibility to ride up or down hills smoothly. High-end skateboards can swallow a drop of up to 30%.

– Freedom: although it is equipped with a motor, you have the possibility of using your electric skateboard freewheeling. You can therefore make traditional use of it on easy slopes and activate the electric mode to climb slopes for example.

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