The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a great option for anyone looking for the perfect headphones for their budget and style. They feature an ergonomic design with pivoting ear cups and plush over-ear pads for comfort and passive sound isolation. Other great features include a 3-button rocker switch and microphone. Buckle headphones also feature Dynamic Balance tuning technology, which eliminates distortion-causing driver and system resonances prior to manufacturing. With the Dynamic Balance technology, you can enjoy a better sound quality, less leakage, and a more pleasant listening experience with a pair of Buckle headphones.

Low leakage

Polk Audio Buckle headphones have a durable build. They are available for $146 online. The headphones have a reserved presentation that favors bass, upper midrange, and high trebles. They exhibit a slight sub-bass distortion, but their presentation is clean and undistorted with minimal harmonic interruption. The Polk Audio Buckle is an excellent choice for those who want a good pair of headphones without the high price tag.

The Polk Audio Buckle is well-made, but it suffers from poor isolation, particularly when it comes to outside noise. Its lack of isolation makes it less comfortable for travel or commuting in noisy environments. While it does have good isolation from outside noise, the Polk Audio Buckle doesn’t isolate well at high volumes. In addition, it doesn’t have active noise cancellation, so it’s not the best option if you’re sensitive to high-pitched noise.

Buckles also have a very subtle frequency response. When given a static 78 dB tone, they boost sub-bass to 82 dB, while under-emphasizing bass tones at 400 Hz. By the time they reach 4kHz, they are 20 dB quieter than sub-bass. Overall, this means you’ll be able to hear the detail in the instruments and vocals.

Another reason to purchase a Polk Audio Buckle headphone is the excellent sound quality and comfort. The headband is adjustable and cushioned to fit comfortably on the ears. A quality headband makes these headphones durable and reliable, and the audio reproduction is clear and balanced. A solid pair of headphones will last you for many years. That’s why they’re worth the money. However, if you’re looking for a high quality pair of headphones, consider buying a pair of headphones with low leakage.

Comfortable design

The comfort of these headphones is guaranteed by a unique design that combines acoustic engineering with ergonomic features. The ear cups of the Buckle headphones pivot, offering a comfortable fit. The headphones also have a microphone and 3-button rocker switch for easy control. The Buckle also has Dynamic Balance tuning technology, which eliminates driver and system resonances before manufacturing. Its ear pads also have a comfortable design that will not cause discomfort for long hours of listening.

The Buckle and Hinge headphone models each boast a different design, offering modern and vintage touches. The Buckle design is minimal with contrasting stitching and brushed metal hardware, while the Hinge folds into a small accessory for easy travel. The headphones are equipped with padded ear cups, an ergonomic headband, Apple 3-button volume control, and microphone. Both of these models are available in silver, brown, and gold.

The Buckle headphone from Polk Audio is one of the most comfortable headphones on the market. Its curved cups fit snugly around the ears and deliver great sound quality. The adjustable headband also keeps the headphones in place. The Buckle has a long life and is made from durable materials. And because it features a built-in microphone, it is compatible with various types of music. There’s even a wireless version available, so you can listen to music on the go with your phone while staying connected to the world.

Sound quality

If you’re looking for a high-quality headphone, look no further than the Polk Audio Buckle. These headphones belong to the company’s Heritage Collection and are styled with rustic touches and muted colors. The earcups are closed, so you don’t hear any external noise. These headphones also have a very good bass response, allowing you to enjoy a full range of music from your favorite artists.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are a decent choice for those who want a high-quality set of headphones for office use. They are made of high-quality materials and a durable design, but they also feature limited leakage. Although the cable is replaceable, the hinges of the headphones are more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the multi-purpose toggle, which is mounted on a spring mechanism, wears out after frequent use.

The Buckle headphones do struggle with multi-tasking, but they do manage to separate multiple sounds from each other. While Beats headphones have a distinctly bassy sound, Buckle headphones dig deep and handle lower frequencies well. The headphones’ full yet rigid response adds extra gravity to hip-hop tracks. They are also great for playing games. But there are some limitations with this headphone, and the sound quality will likely be a factor when making a purchase.

A good pair of Buckle headphones will provide you with excellent sound quality, although you will have to pay close attention to details. Buckle headphones are comfortable, and the earcups are padded. While they aren’t Bluetooth-compatible, you will be able to control volume and playback with the headphone cable. They also feature a microphone for voice calls. In addition to its good sound quality, the Buckle headphones are not overly expensive, making them an ideal purchase for those who value sound quality over price.

Control scheme

The control scheme of the Polk Audio Buckle is simple and efficient. The single general-purpose toggle controls volume control and track skipping. The control scheme also has feedback to ensure that you don’t accidentally turn up the volume when pausing tracks. Fortunately, the cable is replaceable. There are a few cons, however, such as limited portability. Here are some of the things you should know before buying the Polk Audio Buckle.

Dynamic Balance tuning – The Dynamic Balance tuning on the Buckle headphones is designed to regulate internal resonances in the drivers and housing, preventing distortion. The 40mm drivers, tuned using an Optimized Electro-acoustic tuning method, deliver a natural and accurate sound. The closed-back earcups also help keep out external noise. There’s nothing worse than a pair of headphones that can’t reproduce sound!

Electro-acoustic tuning – The Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic tuning refines the drivers and improves overall performance balance, dynamics, and audio quality. The custom-molded in-ear tips, with built-in 3-button controls, make the Polk headphones comfortable and almost invisible. The headphones will provide you with a premium listening experience and value. Whether you’re listening to music, movies, or TV, these headphones will help you experience them at their best.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are well-built, premium-looking, and relatively quiet. They have very little leakage and sound good enough for critical listening. Despite their bulk, these headphones are not portable. One drawback is that they do not block a lot of noise and are not very comfortable. The price is quite high, too. But the design is a plus point. While they are not very portable, they can be comfortable for long periods of time.

The bass performance of the Polk Buckle is average and prone to positioning preferences. Treble range deviation is good and within acceptable limits. They have a solid mid-range, with relatively flat low-mid and mid-high frequencies. Mid-range is slightly forward-sounding, but the overall performance is generally very good. The Polk Audio Buckle costs about $500. If you are on a budget, you can consider a cheaper pair.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are expensive, but they are worth the money. They are designed to last and are made with high-quality materials. The cable is easily replaceable, but the hinges are susceptible to wear and tear after a period of time. Moreover, the multi-purpose toggle on the headphone end is mounted on a spring mechanism, which wears out after constant use. In such a case, it is best to replace the cable before it breaks.

While the Polk Buckle over-ear headphones are not the most powerful, they are quite premium. They feature a faux leather headband and comfortable ear pads. Their swivel ear cups give you a 360-degree view of the music. The design of the headphones looks old-school and makes them a great addition to your headphones collection. The headphones are sold online for just $200, but the price may go up. Protection Status