Despite being very old, the category of board games still enjoys immense popularity around the globe. There are many board games that millions of people around the globe play daily. However, one board game whose popularity surpasses all others is ludo, the successor of Pachisi. The classic strategy–based board game receives immense love from the masses due to numerous factors. 

For starters, its rules and gameplay are very simple, making it easier for players of all ages to indulge in matches. Besides this, the game offers players multiple health-related benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety levels, enhanced cognitive abilities, etc. Moreover, the game is the perfect outlet for friends and family members to have enjoyable times together. 

When it comes to the different ways board game enthusiasts can enjoy ludo, there are only two ways – the orthodox offline mode and the modern-day virtual or online mode. Both modes differ from each other in numerous aspects. This article will shed light on both modes of indulging in ludo and list the better mode of playing the classic game. Let us begin:

Offline and Online Ludo – Explained:

  • Offline Ludo

Offline ludo refers to the centuries-old method of playing ludo, i.e., using physical ludo equipment. To play offline ludo, interested individuals necessarily need to have a physical ludo game board, playing pieces or tokens, and dice. 

This method of ludo is preferred by individuals who wish to experience the game in its most authentic self. However, it poses numerous limitations, which compels fans of the board game to explore the other outlet for playing ludo.

  • Online Ludo

Online ludo is the new, modern-day method of playing ludo. This method of playing ludo is very popular among individuals who love using technology to maximize convenience. To use this method, players simply need to choose and download an online ludo game on their smartphone, install it, and start indulging in virtual matches against friends or family, or anonymous opponents. 

There are multiple online ludo game and earn money schemes and outlets readily available using which interested individuals can enjoy the classic board game and earn real money at the same time.

Offline vs Online Ludo – Which Mode is Better?

Since online ludo games started gaining popularity, the question of determining which mode is better has been crucial. Therefore, to vanquish the dilemma and confusion for good, here is a comparative look at three different aspects and parameters of both modes to determine which mode is better:

  • Accessibility:

In the case of offline ludo, individuals who wish to play the game must have the required equipment with them. The list of equipment, as mentioned earlier, includes a physical ludo game board, playing pieces, and dice. All these are readily available almost everywhere, both in local markets and online shopping websites. However, it may not always be possible for individuals to purchase them instantly, which is why offline ludo, despite being accessible, does not reach the pinnacle of accessibility. 

Compared to offline ludo, online ludo is much more accessible. All individuals need is a solid online ludo game and a reliable Internet connection. Since tons of online ludo games are readily accessible for enthusiasts, the accessibility quotient of the online mode is much more compared to offline ludo.

  • Convenience

Offline ludo matches require players to be physically present to begin. This aspect of the orthodox method of playing ludo limits its popularity. For example, if an individual wishes to play an offline match of ludo with another individual living in another place, they need to either travel to their place or call them to their residence to get started. Hence, it would be safe to say that, in most cases, indulging in offline ludo games is not convenient.

All online ludo games allow players to indulge in virtual ludo matches with their friends or family members from anywhere at any time. For example, two individuals residing in different cities can easily play ludo matches online using online ludo games. Therefore, the online mode of playing ludo is superior in terms of convenience.

  • Earning Rewards

In most cases, offline ludo matches are played for fun between friends or family members. The game is used as an outlet for having a fun and enjoyable time at social gatherings or domestic get-togethers. On the off chance that ludo matches feature wagers, no one places massive bets on the game. Simply put, offline ludo matches do not allow players to win rewards.

The primary selling point of most online ludo games is that they offer exciting prizes, including real money to winners. Due to this, millions of people indulge in highly-competitive virtual ludo matches. The more matches a player wins, the more rewards they stand a chance of winning.


As evident by the points mentioned above, it would be safe to say that the online mode of playing the classic ludo board game offers players more benefits than the offline mode. However, many hardcore ludo fans prefer the orthodox offline mode of playing ludo primarily because it offers a nostalgic feel to them and allows them to experience the game in its most authentic version.

Therefore, the best mode of playing ludo depends entirely on players’ preferences. For example, if a player wishes to conveniently play ludo matches with friends residing in other places, the online mode is the right choice. However, the classic offline mode is better suited if someone wishes to play ludo matches with family members or friends at home. Protection Status