Even the merest glance online to find ways to make your business bigger will give you a host of possible solutions. The thing is, they all seem to involve improving your website and SEO or knowing the ins and outs of various social media platforms just to come up with an advertising campaign that could cost you an arm and a leg.

If being tech savvy is not exactly your strong suit, you might feel more drawn to marketing techniques that don’t involve having to know too much about the online world. Instead, you might prefer to rely on some more tried and tested methods that have been around since long before the Internet became the be-all and end-all in marketing. With that in mind, here are a few good ol’ marketing strategies that don’t require tech-savviness – methods that have worked for centuries and still do today.

Have stalls at local markets and trade fairs

If you have a product to sell, one of the strongest ways to do this is to put it in front of more people. For many, the most obvious way to do this is online – but if that is not the way you want to go, local markets, digital sign software and trade fairs could be the way forward.

Not only do you get a chance to speak face to face with your potential customers, but they will also get to see your product firsthand rather than just relying on a picture on the Internet. They will know straight away you have a quality product and whether or not it will be right for them.

Get your customers to promote your brand for you

There is very little better than word-of-mouth advertising, and what goes hand in hand with that is a customer wearing something with your company name all over it. This shows they have enough confidence in your brand to be associated with it personally and be seen in public in one of the items you have given them – not to mention many freebies can be incredibly useful, such as apparel.

In situations like this, top quality but affordable merchandise like branded t-shirts and custom hats by Anthem Branding and similar merchandise companies get you a great deal of exposure as well as encourage the customer to buy again to see what you’re going to give them next time.

Newspaper advertising

While the rest of the world happens to be completely obsessed with spending half their budget on an online campaign that could be poorly aimed, you could instead use old-school techniques to advertise locally using simple ads in local newspapers.

Some people find online advertising distracting and can block it altogether. However, seeing advertising where you expect to see it, like the classified section of a newspaper, can get you better responses rather than just plenty of exposure among a disinterested online audience.

Still, with newspaper ads, you have to consider your target audience. Younger generations rarely read the papers these days; if your target customers are young people, you might wish to be careful when opting for this method. Older audiences, however, are more likely to discover your newspaper ads since they tend to be paper-reads, even today in the digital era.

A few final thoughts

It might be easy to think that if you are not a technically minded business owner, your efforts to expand your business are doomed to failure. However, you have plenty of options to spread the word about your business, such as advertising in local directories and newspapers and meeting customers face-to-face at local markets and bigger trade shows. Don’t forget about free gifts with orders so customers can wear your brand – advertising it to everybody they come across in their daily lives.

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