Procuring temporary school buildings is beneficial for any school around the world. The main reason to use these structures is to save on costs and meet space needs fast. The education sector has embraced these solutions during this COVID-19 pandemic period to meet space needs. 

Whether a school is looking for temporary classrooms, sports halls, or any other facility, they can buy them pretty fast with the help of a professional company. Most of the time, it all boils down to making informed decisions. 

Here are simple considerations to make when procuring temporary school buildings to meet the space needs of your school.

Understand What You Need

A school should assess the temporary school buildings they need before making any attempts to buy. If the school management cannot decide, an expert should come in and help. However, it is easy to choose from a list of the popular temporary structures a school can procure.

  • Temporary classrooms – These are the most common temporary school buildings. They are used by students or pupils for learning purposes. They include portable classrooms made of shipping containers and custom modular classrooms made of different materials such as steel frames and fabric walls.
  • Temporary halls – A school can also procure modular sports halls that come in specific sizes or customized halls made of different materials. Many schools that are looking for temporary school buildings prefer the latter because they meet specific needs in a better way.
  • Temporary offices – In case the teaching staff and the management need more office space, the school might decide to procure temporary school buildings that can be used as offices. 
  • Temporary storage – If a school needs more storage space for stationery, food, or any other school item, they can also get help from temporary structure solution providers.
  • Temporary parking shades – The use of temporary parking shades is very common these days. Any school can procure and install these metal-framed fabric shades at any time and install them. 

Compare Different Solution Providers for Temporary School Buildings

If you want to buy temporary school buildings conveniently, save money, and get high-quality structures, you should choose professional solution providers. Apart from checking their products and how they will benefit your institution, consider their experience and reputation as well. 

Looking at the websites of different solution providers is perfect because you will get a picture of what they offer, the common qualities, and what differentiates one from the other. Many reputable temporary school building experts have excellent services. You can peruse the web right now and navigate to the Smart-Space web page to see all the solutions they offer, as an example.

Consider the Cost of Temporary School Buildings

Would you like to hire or buy temporary school buildings? Hiring is obviously very cheap, and the structures are given out for the time they are needed by the school only. Schools can hire or lease temporary structures after an unfortunate tragedy such as a fire or flood that has destroyed existing structures, to meet short-term space needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, or to host events in school. 

On the other hand, a school can buy temporary structures if it needs a long-term space solution. Modular structures are less costly than customized structures that might be complicated depending on the site characteristics. 

However, schools can still negotiate a good price range for hiring or buying temporary school buildings to suit the budget. If you take your time to choose the right structure, you will get an excellent value for your money. 


It is easy to procure temporary school buildings that will meet the needs of your school. Whether you are in a hurry or not, the guidelines provided above are the best to use. The structures come with a lot of benefits whether used in the short or long run. Protection Status