Businesses struggling with developing could put Microsoft Dynamics 365 to great use. This central business management solution has been helping companies connect their sales, service, finance and operations departments for streamlining business processes, improving customer interaction and making informed decisions.

This era of digital transformation has given birth to so many amenities. Self-driven cars, virtual reality, affordable Internet (God bless my Spectrum Internet deals!), 5G, AI and so on – with all this, we have entered into the realm of disruption and no one would want to go back.  Dynamics 365 is one such platform that has the potential to take a business to the new heights of success with its features. Using this business platform, you can quickly tailor, build and extend applications to make them fit your needs. No coding or development is required.

Wondering in what ways Dynamics 365 can help you with business development? Check out these benefits:

No Location Boundaries

Dynamics 365 gives you the liberty of installing your system in the cloud, on-site or both. Most small businesses prefer cloud installation because of cost benefits. But that’s not the only advantage. Cloud installation offers more control. The perks include no location boundaries, the ability to scale, make updates, and create a backup as and when needed.

More Customization and Scalability

Dynamics 365 offers several options for customization. You would have to buy its licensed version for that. You can also add or remove users as your business grows.

It comes with a box of tools to extend custom business logic, build custom entities, fields, views, forms, security models, and workflow. Let’s suppose you are an insurance company. You can build a custom entity for storing and managing specific policy types for each customer. The software also lets you build rules into the security model, design workflows for sending reminders when the policy is about to expire and adjust rates.

Valuable Insights

CRM platforms are highly useful in gathering data on leads and customers. How you use that data is a critical determinant of success. Dynamics 365 delivers analytics using the power Cortana Intelligence Suite and Azure, and Power BI. This information can be highly useful for your sales and business development teams. The visualization tools make it easier to interpret and share data. The platform is equipped with predictive analytics capabilities to help your business anticipate trends.

Seamless Communication

When there are communication barriers between the teams, this doesn’t just curb productivity, it results in chaos, missed deadlines, repeated revisions, and other problems. Dynamics 365 is great with collaboration. Different groups unite and work together as two arms connected to the same brain. The benefit – improved lead time and efficiency.

More Sales and Better Marketing Abilities

Dynamics 365 is one of the most enhanced CRM platforms. If you are looking forward to upgrading your sales and marketing teams, this is what you need. From the dashboard, you can see all your clients.

The Power BI gives you a list of data to compare and analyze. With all this data, you can design and create hyper-targeted campaigns. Your sales team would be glad to know that there is a mobile version of Dynamic 365. This allows them to access insights anytime they need and make timely decisions.

Put Customers First

No matter what type of business you are running, customer satisfaction is always the goal. It does not matter if you are selling a nice product or a billion-dollar B2B company. If your clients are unhappy with the services provided, they will simply take the next turn to another provider.

Dynamic 365 comes with integrated customer service tools to give your employees the ability to have a full view of each client’s case individually. It designs the user interface with respect to your client. Hence, your service representatives can track sales progress in real-time. Your team will become more proactive to address customer concerns and they won’t be neglected.

Smart Work Environment

It goes without saying you can only create a smart work environment if you have smart employees who know their way around smart tools. These apps and software can drastically impact their performance, productivity, decision-making, and success.

Dynamic 365 can seamlessly integrate with your existing system under a secure cloud. Your employees are able to work efficiently and smartly. Using forecasting and predictive analysis, making decisions for smooth operations will not be a problem.

Planning and Strategy Building

Successful CRM implementation doesn’t happen on its own. It’s a blend of carefully sought out strategy and planning. Dynamic 365 has the power of streamlining business operations and get on the road to achieving optimal ROI. Whether you are using a CRM for the first time or you are an expert, with this platform, you won’t feel lost. It’s highly easy to implement and so is developing a strategy for meeting particular business goals.

Final Words

Integrating Dynamic 365 with your existing system and connecting it to other services is not that time-consuming. You will find comprehensive guides to help with the integration. Help is also available for common queries as quickly as the prompt assistance I get in case of rare Spectrum Internet outage to help restore the services.

So when are you scaling your business with Dynamics 365? Protection Status