Recently web activities have grown speedily over time. Streaming video is one of the most popular pastimes which exclusively utilize the internet. Streaming has become a regular occurrence for most of us, whether streaming Netflix seasons or watching live sports on ESPN Plus.

Due to our growing addiction to streaming, we are increasingly searching for new streaming services to watch fresh content every day. Here is some encouraging news if you live in the UK and participate in this activity. You can browse to learn about all the streaming options available in the UK.

Have you subscribed to ESPN+? You’ll be missing out on a bunch of great content if you aren’t. One of the most popularly utilized streaming platforms among sports fans is ESPN+. Sports content is accessible live and on-demand via this streaming platform in the US.

The service, which is now necessary for any dedicated sports fan, is operated by the giant Disney Media. 

Only US citizens can access the geo-restricted streaming platform ESPN+. You need to install a secure VPN to connect to ESPN Plus throughout the UK. You have to establish a connection to an American server upon activating your VPN.

With a United States IP assigned by the VPN, you can browse ESPN+ or any other geo-blocked favourite website of yours.

In this blog, I have highlighted the 10 interesting ESPN+ facts that UK fans are unaware of.

10 Fascinating ESPN Plus Facts Which UK Fans Must Know

1) ESPN and ESPN+ are distinct platforms

While most sports fans remain unconscious of it, a significant difference exists between ESPN+ and ESPN.

Through the platform ESPN+, you can watch live sports games or other exclusive content that is not shown on ESPN’s main interface. Along with this, ESPN+ has many live broadcasts, sports competitions, and sports shows you can’t find on ESPN stations.

For those who prefer additional entertainment compared to what is accessible on ESPN’s primary stations, ESPN+ is the best alternative. This is a good platform for sports lovers who desire deeper commentary and live matches, including original content.

2) ESPN+ is a multilingual American Cable Sports Station

ESPN+ is a bilingual basic cable sports network that is American.

The Walt Disney Company owns ESPN, a multi-national basic cable sports network available throughout the United States. The company has evolved into one of the largest news corporations in the world, and it currently holds a variety of other networks, notably ESPNU, ESPN2, and ABC.

After ESPN+ was launched, the corporation wanted to provide a cable sports network that would contend with the already existing stations like CBS Sports and NBC Sports. In doing so, the enterprise has indeed been effective, resulting in it currently being among the most widely used networks across the United States.

3) SportsCenter was the debut ESPN show

Although there are multiple shows featured on ESPN+, did you realize SportsCenter was the debut ESPN show? Since its first broadcast in 1979, the show has become a mainstay of ESPN’s programming.

Every day, SportsCenter covers all of the most current athletics headlines and highlights. The program is anchored by several commentators, each offering a uniquely diverse approach to the position. When ESPN debuted in 1979, it marked the first programming shown to a live studio audience and it was aired to more than 1.4 million US cable consumers.

Seven commentators, all of whom were sports journalists, worked as the show’s presenters. George Grande, Charlie Jones, Lee Leonard, Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen, Bob Ley, and Chris Berman were the first 7 anchors.

The program has evolved tremendously ever since its debut and is currently aired in more than 200 countries around the globe. It is among the most viewed sports matches ever and it has assisted in ESPN becoming the widely known corporation it is nowadays.

4) In September 1979, ESPN debuted

On 7th September 1979, ESPN, the premier broadcaster of sports entertainment globally, debuted. Clips from the American League matches played the previous day were highlighted mostly in the premiere episode of SportsCenter.

Ever since the organization has progressed a lot and is currently accessible through third-party networks in various countries, the youngest addition of the ESPN family, ESPN+, offers US fans a wealth of fantastic content they can’t access elsewhere.

5) More than 200 countries offer ESPN Plus

Roughly 200 countries can access ESPN+ via domestic providers, making it among the major streaming services worldwide. 

ESPN+ isn’t marketed as a stand-alone platform in the UK. It is only accessible via the BT Sport mobile app or the website. ESPN+ content can be streamed on the platform in the UK in two different ways: by subscribing monthly or buying specific events.

6) ESPN+ has an audience of approximately 102.5 million

Through its system, collaborations with other corporations, and digital sites, ESPN is now available to approximately 102.5 million households globally. Roughly 87 million American homes enjoy access to the service, which commands a substantial market share domestically.

Many other countries, namely New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada, also have access to the network. African countries, in particular, get access to ESPN Plus via DSTV. ESPN continues to broaden its scope while delivering a good amount of interesting information for sports fans across the globe.

7) UFC Fight Nights are aired exclusively on ESPN+

Across the US, UFC Fight Night primarily airs on ESPN Plus. Conor McGregor’s comeback fight with Donald Cerrone was among the service’s biggest UFC bouts. All 20 UFC Fight Night matches are only available live on ESPN Plus.

Furthermore, you can browse a sizable library of on-demand content on that website anytime. All past UFC fights, exclusive shows, and documentaries are included in this category.

8) In 1996, Disney purchased ESPN

At $19 billion, Walt purchased ESPN in 1996. The investment made Disney a significant player in the world of entertainment and solidified ESPN’s standing as the leading athletinationcs brand worldwide. Disney acquires ESPN to a proportion of almost 80%.

The purchase of ESPN further boosted Disney’s rise to prominence in the sports broadcasting market.

The Disney-owned enterprise ESPN has a subsidiary ESPN Plus. Ever since its April 2018 launch, the platform has risen to rank among the best streaming platforms globally.

9) In 2009, ESPN was sued.

In 2009, DISH Network accused ESPN of $1 million after asserting that the company had breached the “Most Favored Nations clause.” ESPN is not authorized to sell its services to any additional operator at a lower price, as per the contract clause with DISH Network.

According to DISH Network, ESPN allegedly violated the clause by asking Verizon FiOS very little for its networks. ESPN argued that the provision did not pertain to fiber providers as Verizon FiOS and only extended to satellite and cable providers. Finally, the issue was resolved outside of the courtroom when ESPN agreed to compensate DISH Network approximately $4.9 million.

10) The headquarters for ESPN+ was originally planned to be in Plainville, Connecticut

Originally, Plainville, Connecticut, was planned to host the ESPN headquarters. It was relocated to Bristol, Connecticut since the origin was inadequate for the enterprise’ purposes and it couldn’t install roofing satellite dishes here.

Among the largest employers in the state of Connecticut, the Bristol campus is host to more than 2,000 employees at present. The complex has a range of structures, including a production company, a development and research department, and an ESPN Radio headquarters.


In essence, ESPN is a mainstream athletic business that has impacted the sports broadcasting sector globally. Ever since its inception in 1979, the company has experienced a long record of success and has become a pioneer in providing sports coverage and clips.

With a VPN, you can access ESPN+ in the UK and enjoy the most popular sports competitions. Protection Status