The Google Pixelbook 12in is a portable laptop/tablet hybrid computer running on Chrome OS. The company announced the device on October 4th, and released it on October 30th. What’s the best thing about it? It is Multitouch-enabled, 32GB of storage, and has three memory slots. Read on to learn about its features and other aspects. After you’ve reviewed the specs, you’ll know whether it’s the right laptop for you.

Multitouch-enabled In Google Pixelbook 12in

The lightweight and stylish design of the Multitouch-enabled Google Pixelbook 12-in is ideal for business users. With dual USB Type-C ports on the left and right sides, this laptop is easy to carry around. It also comes with support for most operating systems. And, since it is powered by a 41-watt Li-ion battery, it is quick to recharge. Other notable features of this device include its ambient light sensor, Hall sensor, magnetometer, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

The Pixelbook has a multitouch display, which makes it ideal for drawing and writing on the display. It is also fully connected to Google Play Store, which means it supports Android apps as well as web applications. In addition to the Google Play Store, it can run Android apps that were designed for tablets. The Pixelbook is capable of rotating its screen to function like an Android tablet. The optional Pixelbook Pen is also available for sale.

Another highlight of the Google Pixelbook 12in is its screen size. Its 128GB of internal storage is expandable up to 512GB, making it ideal for digital files. Its Intel HD Graphics 615 provides a high-quality video output. Even if the screen size is smaller than the Apple MacBook Air, you can enjoy HD video at full resolution on this tablet. So, if you’re looking for a laptop that’s the perfect size for gaming and computing, this is the perfect device for you.

The Multitouch-enabled Pixelbook 12-inch is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 mobile edition as well as Adobe Lightroom CC. It can be rotated like a large Android tablet, and the optional Pixelbook Pen lets you draw or write on the screen in any position. The Pixelbook is an excellent laptop for business-minded individuals. A review of the Google Pixelbook 12-in Multitouch-enabled Google Pixelbook 12in can be found at techradar.

32GB of storage

The Google Pixelbook comes with an impressive specs list. It can handle business applications and entertain you on the go. The operating system, Google Chrome OS, is simple to use and updates itself automatically. It’s fast and stable throughout the day. It’s equipped to handle all of the work and entertainment demands of the businessperson on the go. There are many advantages to this laptop. Here are some of them.

The Google Pixelbook 12in is incredibly well built. With an all-metal design and rubberized palm rest, the Pixelbook is comfortable to carry and will last for many years. The keyboard, with its chiclet mechanism and backlighting, feels great to type on. It’s also easy to use, even in dim lighting. With its incredibly large screen, the Pixelbook also delivers a superior gaming experience.

The Google Pixelbook 12in offers an excellent balance of productivity and entertainment. It has a TPM chip for enhanced security. The speakers on this laptop are loud and feature a large space for typing. However, they don’t produce any bass and the sound is flat and tinny. However, if you’re looking for rock-solid performance, you should consider a Windows-fueled workstation.

The Google Pixelbook 12in has a decent amount of storage. The basic Wi-Fi Pixel will cost $1,299 in the U.S. and PS1,049 in the U.K. It is available at select Best Buy stores in the U.S. tomorrow, while the Pixel LTE version will be available later this year. It has 64GB of storage while the basic Wi-Fi version only has 32GB of solid-state storage. The company did not disclose who the hardware partners are, but said that it’s being assembled in Taiwan.

Powerful processor

The powerful processing power of the Pixelbook lies in the back. Using a seventh generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, the Pixelbook runs fast and smoothly. The processor is similar to Core m processors from previous generations, but is rated for higher performance. With up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of NVMe storage, the Pixelbook is able to handle large amounts of data without freezing up.

Although the screen of the Pixel book is small, it is ideal for work. With its 41Wh lithium ion battery, the Google Pixel book can last for about 10 hours. However, this is still insufficient compared to many full-sized laptops. There are two USB-C ports on the device, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The laptop features a dual-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with 4MB of cache.

The Pixelbook has a resolution of up to 2400×1600 pixels. In comparison, most Chromebooks offer 1080px720 resolutions. The Pixelbook’s display offers 117 percent of sRGB spectrum, giving it richer, more vibrant colors. Moreover, its high-resolution screen means that 4K YouTube videos look crystal clear on the Pixelbook. The processors in the Pixelbook are also capable of handling multiple apps.

The power processor of the Pixelbook is backed by an array of sensors. The ambient light sensor, three-axis accelerometer, magnetometer, hall sensor, and ultrasonic sensors are all used when tablet functionality is active. These sensors can also be used to detect motion, such as the movement of fingers while typing. The touchscreen is also connected to an ambient light sensor. The entire device is built to last.

Three memory slots

The Google Pixelbook 12in comes with a built-in 128GB SSD, which makes the laptop blazingly fast and incredibly easy to use. You can choose to use the built-in storage, or you can upgrade to the 512GB SDD storage option. Whatever you choose, the Google Pixelbook 12in has plenty of storage and supports the Google Drive service, so you can easily access your data when you’re away from home.

While it’s not as loaded with features as a desktop PC, the Pixelbook 12in is still powerful enough to handle most computing tasks. For instance, the laptop’s integrated cloud storage capabilities allow you to edit photos onboard without sacrificing precious onboard space. You can also install Adobe Lightroom CC software to edit photos on the Pixelbook and store them in the cloud, saving precious onboard storage space.

The Google Pixelbook 12IN’s backside is equally impressive. The CPU is a seventh-generation Intel processor. There are two versions of the CPU – the base one is 1.3GHz, while the i7-specced model can boost that up to 3.9GHz. Even better, you can easily upgrade the memory in either model. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find games you like to play on the Google Pixelbook 12IN.

There are a few things to consider before buying a Google Pixelbook. The Pixelbook 12in’s price is very cheap, and the battery life is great. The only downside is the lack of developer apps, but if you’re planning to use the laptop for business purposes, the Pixelbook is a great choice. With its large screen and fast charging, the Pixelbook 12in is one of the best laptops for your money. It’s very easy to find replacements for these laptops, and you’ll be happy you did.


If you are in the market for a laptop, the Google Pixelbook 12in is an excellent choice. With great hardware and software, this laptop offers many advantages. However, the price tag is quite high. If you’re unsure whether you should invest in the laptop, here’s what to look for. After all, you’ll get a lot of functionality for the price. Let’s take a closer look.

As previously stated, this Chromebook has a high-quality design and an excellent processor. Its storage is generous, and its battery life is good for about two hours of work. It has a Google Assistant key that lets you activate the assistant by saying “Ok Google.” It’s a great feature to have on your laptop, and you’ll be able to use it whenever you need to. With this key, you can easily answer questions or perform tasks.

The keyboard is comfortable to use for long writing sessions. The keys are not as far apart as we’d like, but it’s a far cry from the cramped keyboards we’re used to with Chromebooks. Despite its cramped layout, the Pixelbook is far more ergonomic and has a silicon palm rest that makes typing a breeze. The touchpad is free of bugs and has a nice gesture for swiping down multiple apps at the same time.

The Google Pixelbook isn’t as packed with options as desktop computers, but it’s perfect for everyday use. It’s a lightweight, portable device that works smoothly with cloud storage providers. The Pixelbook works well with Adobe Lightroom CC software, which allows you to edit and save high-resolution photos in the cloud without taking up valuable storage space onboard. However, you’ll have to pay separately for Adobe Lightroom CC and other subscriptions for these services. Protection Status