MyKohlsCard is something common to the Walmart Money Card. However, offered by Kohl’s Department Stores too. It was founded on October 18, 2011, by Mykel Rogers Sr. MyKohls credit card allows you to shop in-store and online with My Kohl’s charge.

This novel approach rewards customers for purchases at Kohls. The center of attraction includes discounts, special offers, and other perks for members of the program.

To get your hands on MyKohlsCard, you need to get going by creating an account on For that, explore this article to understand how to manage a MyKohlsCard account with registration, log-in, tips, and so on. 

New bees need to register themselves at MyKohlsCard Portal but bear in mind, before that, you need to meet a few basic requirements written below. 

Requirements to Access Account

MyKohlsCard Portal has a very uncluttered interface, making navigating easier. So jump on there while meeting these few requirements outlined below:

  • One must own a Kohl’s credit card to create a login account to hop it.
  • Must have access to Kohl’s website URL.
  • Must ensure that you are using the latest version of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or one that supports cookies and JavaScript.
  • An active email address and password are mandatory to log into your account.
  • Only registered members can sign in and access their accounts on

Registration Process on MyKohlsCard Portal

Follow these straightforward steps for the same: 

  • Step 1: Land on Kohl’s official website, i.e.,
  • Step 2: There, hit on the “Register” link option, placed above the username section 

 Kohl’s official website

  • Step 3: Step forward by verifying your information. Here insert your card number, cardholder’s name, and billing zip code   
  • Step 4: Thereafter, click on the “Continue” button to progress close to creating an account

Kohl’s verification page

  • Step 5: Then, on the next page, create a username and password
  • Step 6: Here, enter your email address and select your communication preferences to get going. 

Thus, this completes the process. Now, see how to log in on the MyKohlsCard portal 

Login Steps at MyKohlsCard Portal 

Login at MyKohlsCard Portal is not a tough nut to crack. Therefore, the process is simple yet straightforward. Look how: 

  • Step 1: Start over by landing on Kohl’s website 
  • Step 2: On the following page, at the sign-in section, enter your user’s name and password
  • Step 3: In last, click on the “Log-in” button 

How to Reset My Kohls Credit Card Login Credentials 

Now that you are familiar with the login steps. What if you forget either your username or password? Sounds like a nightmare, right? But you need to hear this. While most sites permit you to reset forgotten passwords only, MyKohlsCard doesn’t let you worry about your credentials. See how…

Resetting My Kohls Credit Card Login Username 

  • Step 1: To manage credentials, visit Kohl’s official website
  • Step 2: Next, mouse-click on the “Forget Username Link” option. Find the same in the bottom right corner
  • Step 3: Then, insert your Kohl’s Credit Card 12-digit number,  & click on the “Continue” button
  • Step 4: Answer a few security questions that you had set up at the time of registration. If answered correctly, you will be allowed to reset your username. 
  • Step 5: Wait until verification gets done, then prompt to create a new username 
  • Step 6: Re-enter the new username for the sake of confirmation 
  • Step 7: To finish, click on “Submit” and save the changes

Resetting My Kohls Credit Card Login Password

  • Step 1: Reach Kohl’s website and click on the “Forget Password Link” under the link for a forgotten username
  • Step 2: Insert tour Kohl’s Credit Card 12-digit n number and hit on “Continue”
  • Step 3: There, answer the security questions. If answered correctly, you will be allowed to reset your password.
  • Step 4: Wait for verification to end 
  • Step 5: Create a strong and easy password for you to remember
  • Step 6: Enter the new password again for confirmation, and lastly, click on “Submit” to save changes 

The multi-application essence of the My Kohl’s card permits you to maximize its uses. Now read the benefits of Login.

Benefits of Login

  • It provides control over Kohl’s card balance, transaction history, and payment due dates.
  • Let cardholders apply to increase the limit of their card.
  • Obtain a clear statement (paperless statement) that too online.
  • Easy access to its customer service and support. 
  • You can update your personal information, including address, phone number, and email address.
  • Furthermore, you can earn rewards over purchases with your Kohl’s credit card.
  • Manage account alerts and preferences by yourself.
  • Early sight over exclusive offers and discounts that are available only for MyKohlsCard members.
  • You are applicable to use the Kohl’s card at any Kohl’s store or online portal.
  • On top of that, you can experience hassle-free returns.
  • Not only this, its members receive special birthday offers and anniversary gifts.
  • Moreover, get access to Kohl’s sales and promotions.
  • Lastly, you can make payments via Kohl’s credit card.

As mentioned, you can make payments in different ways. Read below.

Making Payments Via My Kohls Credit Card – Possibility and Process 

Paying for purchases is uncomplicated with a Kohl’s credit card. You can pay your bills online, by phone, or by mail. Additionally, set up automatic payments for convenience & stay on track with your balance. 

Regardless, using your Kohl’s credit card to make a payment or check the balance, here’s how to do it:

  • Online Payment Mode

Online payment is way more convenient than any other method. We base our views as you can pay bills online in a straight manner by utilizing your Kohl’s account: The following to make online payments are:

  • Step 1: Make a move by logging into your Kohl’s account 
  • Step 2: Next, select the payment section from the menu bar 
  • Step 3: There, manage your bank account page by entering your card and route number
  • Step 4: Review the payment details and submit it
  • Step 5: Now, enter the payment amount and due date
  • Step 6: Wait for your email to get verified
  • Step 7: Lastly, submit your payment details
  • By Phone

The customer support line of MyKohlsCard is there to help customers and resolve their queries. For payments, you can consider their customer support. For that, initiate a phone call at 1-855-264-5748 to place a payment over the phone>>enter payment details>>finish by following the prompts. But carry this in mind, in case of purchase over the phone, be prepared to pay a few numbers for convenience cost. 


From Monday to Saturday (7 am to 9 pm CST)

Sunday (8 am to 9 pm CST

  • By Mail 

Additionally, you can even pay your bills via mail. Although, send a bill payment to the address noted below:


Kohl’s Charge

P.O. Box 60043

The City of Industry, CA 91716

To Wrap Up 

In this article, we have explained the Login with a brief introduction about the company. The platform is worth accessing to manage your orders and coupons independently. 

Simply start by creating or logging onto your account to start receiving delighted rewards and thrilled discount coupons. Now that you know everything about Login, it’s time to get started! Protection Status