Microsoft released a new security protocol titled “https// code”. That is to attain great security and privacy on the web. This code is something that secures a connection between the browser and the server. The following connection encrypts the data sent over the network and prevents the information from being intercepted by third parties. 

On the contrary, few instances are available where some of you forget the password of your Xbox account. Keeping that in mind, this article covers the best possible solutions to discourage errors by reducing the gap for the same.

Https // for Xbox

Ever since the Xbox is released in 2001, it’s intriguing. It is seen that Xbox has steadily improved over time. The https// code connects you with an existing computer network. 

Being the most well-known gaming console, a few of the downsides are witnessed in terms of security. To conquer this and let users access their accounts even if they forget credentials, Xbox thought outside the box and introduced Https // code to aid users. 

With this unique code, you can connect your Microsoft account with your Xbox account. With this, make the most of your OneDrive Cloud Storage for game saves and achievements. 

You must be wondering what code is needed to input on this link. So, for your information, your Xbox console will display a unique alphanumeric code. That code needs to be entered in the fields under the link.

Are you at the end of your tether? Enabling it is not arduous, you can perform the mentioned steps below effortlessly. 

Sign In to Your Xbox Console Using Https// Code

This security feature won’t let your account from being compromised. In case of a forgotten password, use this code to sign in back to your account. The following steps for the same are:

  • Step 1: Begin by running your Xbox console, thereafter press the Xbox button
  • Step 2: Then launch “Settings”, then “Profile and System,” and lately select the existing Xbox account
  • Step 3: Choose “Use another device” from the new window 
  • Step 4: There, you will be displayed with an alphanumeric code. Noting that code would be worthwhile
  • Step 5: Now, grab another device, open the browser as per your preference, and search for “https//
  • Step 6: On the following page, enter the code on the appropriate field and hit on the “Next” option 

Microsoft activation webpage

  • Step 7: Thereafter, input your email or phone number or Skype ID for your Microsoft account and choose “Select” 

Microsoft webpage to sign in

  • Step 8: Fill password and click on “Sign in” 
  • Step 9: Once you reach the new window, you will be questioned to “stay signed in” to the Microsoft account. Make your choice wisely; select “Yes” only while operating a trusted device.  

Microsoft webpage

  • Step 10: Lastly, you will be notified of the successful activation message

 still unable to Sign back into your Microsoft account, try adding a new one instead. For that, look below to uncover the following steps.

Adding a New Microsoft Account to the Xbox Console

A few of the instructions needed to follow to add a new account are here. But take this into consideration; this works best only for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One models. Try them on alternatively:

  •   Step 1: Start over by running the Xbox console, and navigate towards the “settings”
  • Step 2: From the settings menu, choose “Account” 
  • Step 3: On the following account settings page, select “Add & manage accounts”
  • Step 4: Then progress ahead by clicking on “Add a new account”
  • Step 5: Once you land on Add & manage accounts page, there select “Add a new account”
  • Step 6: Next, you must follow the onscreen instructions. Meantime, create a new Microsoft account from scratch.
  •  Step 7: Later, provide your consent if you wish to use your new account on the Xbox console or not 
  • Step 8: Update your Xbox by adding your newly made Microsoft account, and voilà, you are done with the process 

Benefits of Connecting Xbox Account With Https// Code

While being a secure protocol, there is more to add while talking about its benefits. Here are a few of them: 

  • You will be benefited from encryption, authentication, and integrity for all communications.
  • Protects the information shared between the browser and the site. It includes your personal data or credit card details.
  • Only the intended recipient can read the data.
  • This code uses port 443 by default. These are often used by secure websites.
  • It takes privacy into consideration.
  • We can say it’s a secure version of the HTTP protocol.
  • Moreover, it uses SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt the information.
  • Lastly, it guards against man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM).

To Wrap Up 

All things considered, using https// code is an ideal way to boost the security of the website while making it more accessible to visitors. We believe the above-mentioned steps will definitely work for our readers. Using this code comes with the ability to help in times of need. In all honesty, accessing this code does the trick and serves extra while keeping you safe from hackers who are trying to steal sensitive information.

Although, steps will be advantageous on their way to signing in to their Xbox account with the https// code. The benefits of using this code outweigh the negatives, so ensure taking advantage of this option in the best possible way. Nonetheless, this article provided an overview of the protocols, standards, and services. Protection Status