Salesforce is one of the most popular and dynamic cloud based service, which frequently keeps on updating inorder to cater to their customer’s requirements. This world class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) not only brings closer to your customers but also helps in  increasing the revenue. This software is highly customizable and always strives to meet the customer’s need. Inorder to ensure that this CRM works efficiently, testing is imperative. Due to its highly customizable features, salesforce testing becomes further challenging. 

In this article, we will find out the challenges of Salesforce testing and the solutions  to make it easier and hassle free. 


Challenges of Salesforce Testing 

Salesforce is indeed a very complicated CRM, and frequent updates make further adds to the complexity. Hence testers find it difficult to automate salesforce testing. Let’s discuss the typical characteristics which acts like bottleneck in automating salesforce testing

Complex Application : Inorder to cater to the customer needs, salesforce comes up with frequent updates and releasing complicated features. For example in Visual force, the users can create customized user interfaces for mobile or web applications. Without the right test automation tool, it is very difficult to have achieve test coverage for such complicated features. 

Frequent Updates: Salesforce comes up with seasonal releases for rolling out new features in summer/winter/spring. Hence users can benefits from these options once they update their CRM.on regular basis. However, it spells trouble for testers. Every update, forces the testing team to revive their test scripts and ensure that the new features do not affect the existing ones and at the same time runs seamlessly without affecting the overall performance of the CRM. 

Dynamic Elements:  Testing frequently changing UI elements is a pain of neck for testers. Inorder to test these UI elements, you require a tool which can easily locate the elements and comprises of robust locating strategy, otherwise you have to spend a lot of time maintaining sales test.

Contextual pages: Salesforce is a powerful but complex tool. It consists of front end UI which is extremely dynamic and difficult to test automatically. Hence you have to use advance scripting skills to manage these dynamic frames of the front end UI 

Integrations: Salesforce uses multiple third party applications. Testing these applications to ensure they dont affect existing features, is complicated and require great time and effort. 

Role-based: Experience with Salesforce varies depending on the role of the user. It requires more testing to capture all the different user flows.


If we look at the salesforce popularity, the graph is always linear. So as the popularity is increasing, the number of users which depend on Salesforce is increasing. Efficient salesforce testing is a must for successful business operations and will save valuable resources, increase the test coverage and improve overall quality of the app performance. 

With automated testing you can detect the bugs in time and resolve them before it becomes too complicate. But as we discussed, testers have to go through a lot of complications to perform automated testing on Salesforce. Hence a robust and advance technology test automation tool must be used to get fight these challenges. 

A test automation tool called Opkey will be an ideal solution for the challenges offered by Salesforce. Now let’s see , how Opkey helps in overcoming the challenges of automating salesforce testing.

No – code Testing platform: A no-code testing platform can be used by even the non technical resources. It saves a lot of time in creating the automated test scripts, hence it takes minimum time to get started. Hence the non technical resources can start testing with drag and drop feature and record and play features. 

Self-healing test scriptsuse  a test automation tool that minimizes your maintenance burden. For example if any automation script breaks due to  Name, ID, Xpath, or CSS–self-healing test automation technologies can fix broken test cases automatically without any human intervention, saving hundreds of hours spent on test maintenance.

 Smart Object Recognition: Go for a test automation tool that leverages machine learning ,AI and advanced optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to identify objects without any manual efforts or automation test scripts . AI-based object recognition and object interaction allow a single script to run on both Lightning and Classic versions of Salesforce. 


As salesforce is a complicated tool with lots of features, employ a advanced technology test automation tool to deal with the challenges provided by Salesforce. Protection Status