Picnic is a strategic military concept that involves an army gathering food, supplies and water from a distant location and then eating, relaxing or camping near their locations as a force to be reckoned with when it’s time to attack. There are some best picnic beaches in Singapore, they include;

  1. East Coast Park

This is a four-kilometres long stretch of scenic shoreline that extends along the southeastern coast of Singapore, with several recreational features and amenities. It is used as a beach and parkway by visitors. People can use free public toilets and showers at the east end of the park as well as a picnic on the open grounds, go cycling or rollerblading on cycle paths, and go swimming either in the sea or at one of several public swimming pools which are located along the shore, lounge around public lawns that are available to hire for parties or book a range of facilities such as family rooms, conference rooms and restaurants.

  1. Changi Beach

Water activities are popular at this beach, especially in the shallow areas where visitors can swim. The western part of the beach is the most popular as it is a good spot to enjoy a picnic with family and friends near the shoreline. During a full moon, Changi Beach becomes an ideal place to catch a beautiful moon-viewing party. The entire stretch of Changi Beach is also available for camping and other activities as well as an unmanned boat ramp from which small boats may be launched. There is also a floating jetty and two sheltered pontoons that can be used for fishing, sunbathing or picnicking.

  1. East Coast Lagoon

This one-kilometre-long beach is located beside East Coast Park and the East Coast Lagoon Nature Reserve, a marshy area that comprises tidal flats, salt pans and seagrass beds. It is a popular place for activities such as sailing, kayaking and fishing. The beach is known for its serenity, with a beautiful sunset view over the sea, making it an ideal location to go camping or to hold a small picnic. It is also a popular destination for party goers as it has nearby cafes that serve alcohol; however alcohol consumption is not allowed on the beach itself.

  1. Pasir Panjang


This is a small stretch of beach that is situated between Pasir Panjang Avenue 2 and Pasir Panjang estuary, built on reclaimed land. It has a playground, BBQ pits and two restaurants: Jann House of Seafood and Southern Spice. The area is a favourite for picnics as it has lots of sand and clear waters. There are four boat ramps from where visitors may go sightseeing, fishing or swimming in the man-made pools constructed along this beach.

  1. Pulau Sekudu

This is a small beach located along the northern coast of Singapore and has tidal flats and seagrass beds. Picnics and camping activities are popular at this beach, which is accessible by road from Pasir Panjang. There are more than 20 parks within the vicinity, including East Coast Park. This beach is known for its clear waters. Pulau Sekudu also serves as an important breeding ground for the endangered dugong (sea cow) and Hawksbill Turtle. The area is a favourite spot for fishermen as it has several roped-off fishing enclosures that provide an ideal place to fish in shallow waters.

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